Man Lab Link-Off: The Right Impression

Esquire definitely likes their buzz. In April, they held an online bracket poll to determine the hottest woman of 2012. In October, they name a sexiest woman alive. Sounds like the same thing to me but doing it twice helps you sell more magazines and get more traffic. Anyway, they named Mila Kunis the sexiest woman alive. I don’t agree but it was probably more about business than accuracy.

Since these Man Lab linkdumps are about all life advice for men, not just dating, let’s start with some employment help. Since jobs numbers are up and unemployment is coming down in America, it might be time to give you a quick refresher on getting a job. Here’s how to crush your job interview. (Mandatory)

After the jump, what women notice about men, some dating advice beyond the standard generic tips and the return of Liz Hurley. Continue reading


Man Lab Link-Off: The Debut

In order to further our ever expanding agenda to help men, we’re introducing a linkdump to our Man Lab series. In the MLLO, we’re going to link to stories that will give men advice they need. And let’s start our first Man Lab linkdump with Lily Aldridge who definitely wouldn’t cause any cold feet dressed like that.

Part of the job of the Man Lab is to help you figure out women. So that’s why we dug up this handy Woman to English dictionary. (Match)

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The Best of That’s Why I Dumped You

It’s been a while since we’ve added a new website to our best of the interweb series. This new one is That’ TWIDY compiles some great reasons why people have broken up with their significant others. We’ve all been there and know how stinging a breakup can be. However, in hindsight, they can be pretty good to laugh at. So let’s look at some funny breakup reasons to make us all feel a little better. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Opening Weekend

I’m back for another edition of the Sunday links. This one is slightly less rushed than Wednesday’s edition but to make up for that one, here’s Lowdown favourite Kate Upton.

WrestleMania 27 is tonight in Atlanta. I’m excited because The Rock will be there an almost certainly make an impact. Even more exciting is the fact that you can bet on the outcome of the matches. (Bodog)

As we kick off the 2011 MLB season, legendary baseball writer and statistician Bill James laments the lack of quality up-and-coming sports writers. (Slate)

It’s easy to understand his concern when you realize that computers are pumping out better game stories than real writers. (Deadspin)

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Lowdown BlogCast Classic: February 14, 2008

For Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d dig into the archives and bring you this short one-off Lowdown episode. This was our Valentine’s Day special presented as “The DownLow.” In this special episode of The DownLow, Steve and Jackie translate the top ten rejection lines dished out by men and women. This one is a must listen to episode for Valentine’s Day.

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