Man Lab Link-Off: The Right Impression

Esquire definitely likes their buzz. In April, they held an online bracket poll to determine the hottest woman of 2012. In October, they name a sexiest woman alive. Sounds like the same thing to me but doing it twice helps you sell more magazines and get more traffic. Anyway, they named Mila Kunis the sexiest woman alive. I don’t agree but it was probably more about business than accuracy.

Since these Man Lab linkdumps are about all life advice for men, not just dating, let’s start with some employment help. Since jobs numbers are up and unemployment is coming down in America, it might be time to give you a quick refresher on getting a job. Here’s how to crush your job interview. (Mandatory)

After the jump, what women notice about men, some dating advice beyond the standard generic tips and the return of Liz Hurley.

Ever what women notice about you and make note of? Here are ten things that women will pay attention to. (Mandatory)

Further to that point, here’s more tips on how being polite will make a good impression with women. (Primer)

Most women believe that honesty is the best policy. However, there are just some things that men don’t need to know. (College Candy)

And on that note, here are seven lies that women tell men. (Made Man)

Meeting women in college/university isn’t terribly difficult since you know where all the hangouts and parties are. After college it’s a different story. You know the types of women you meet at the bar in college but what about in the post-college bar world? (Bro Bible)

Suppose you’re not interested in the slightly inebriated women who typically populate a bar but are interested in your waitress/bartender. You can get her to go out with you but it’ll take a bit of skill. (AskMen)

So now you’ve met a woman. Do yourself a favour and don’t go to any of these places for a first date. (Guyism)

And, for the love of god, don’t say any of these things during a first date. It should be common sense but I’ve met a lot of people who don’t have the sense god gave a good. (Guy Speed)

Some guys aren’t interested in women their own age but prefer cougars. Here’s are some tips for dating a cougar. (Made Man)

Perhaps your cougar of choice is a MILF. We found some tips to help you handle that relationship. (AskMen)

You can’t believe everything you see in a movie. Especially these seven lies that Hollywood constantly shoves down your throat. (Unreality)

When a website called Business Insider runs a list called “The Sexiest CEOs Alive,” I wonder what their motivation is. Sure, they’re making a blatant play for clicks. However, why would anyone care more so than all the other hottest people lists. Anyway, here’s the sexiest CEOs alive. (Business Insider)

Your important life skill of the day: How to roll up your sleeves like a man. (The Art of Manliness)

Since I feel sort of obligated to link to it but am clearly trying to hide it, AJ Daulerio had the unenviable task of watching and summarizing the Hulk Hogan sex tape. Here’s his take on the tape so you don’t have to watch. (Gawker)

Ever worry about the dangers of malware and viruses that typically come with online porn? Well, someone is developing a search engine to clean up the dangers of online porn searches. (Gizmodo)

Let’s run a photo gallery before the YouTuberry. It’s a collection of awesome bachelor pads. (The Chive)

Did you know that Elizabeth Hurley is 47? This recent photoshoot makes it even harder to believe.

Coming soon to theatres near you: Olivia Munn stars in a horror movie where her breasts mysteriously disappear and no one can remember their existence other than her boyfriend.

The Man Lab has few rules. However, we go out of our way to promote our favourite redhead, Cintia Dicker, whenever possible.

After getting through all that, you need a drink. So how about all the drinks seen on Mad Men?


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