Man Lab Link-Off: The Debut

In order to further our ever expanding agenda to help men, we’re introducing a linkdump to our Man Lab series. In the MLLO, we’re going to link to stories that will give men advice they need. And let’s start our first Man Lab linkdump with Lily Aldridge who definitely wouldn’t cause any cold feet dressed like that.

Part of the job of the Man Lab is to help you figure out women. So that’s why we dug up this handy Woman to English dictionary. (Match)

After the jump, what pets mean, expert relationship advice and how men erase CDs.

There’s the dating advice. Here’s the life advice. Here’s a scientific look at how to survive big explosions like in action movies. (io9)

Another way that women express themselves is through their choice of pets. So what does your girl’s pet mean about her? (Coed Magazine) The only problem with this list is that it doesn’t include ferrets. A buddy of mine’s ex had two ferrets. That would’ve been a deal-breaker for me.

The mainstream media is just catching on to something everyone else has known about for a while. The casual hookup is replacing the serious relationship in college. (Detroit Free Press)

Here’s a look at how social interaction has changed with mobile technology. And by social interaction, I mean the actual face to face interaction that we’re supposed to be having but seldom seem to. (New York Times)

And Twitter is apparently not doing you any favours in the love department. Everyday tweeters have shorter relationships and love themselves more often than non-tweeters. (Uproxx)

In this week’s Ask TSJ, the experts discuss how to handle your girlfriend’s guy friends. (The Smoking Jacket)

Or suppose you’re in the opposite position. You’re one of the guy friends of a girl with a boyfriend and she’s flirting with you. Doc Love tells you how to handle that situation. (Ask Men)

More general life advice for you guys. It’s 18 things that your dad said that he was right about. (Mark And Angel Hack Life)

The most manly way to erase your porn from CDs and DVDs before someone else finds it? Electricity… Best not to try this at home.

It’s great pickup lines from the world of sports.

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