F1 German GP: The Problem With Brawn

Mark Webber got a drive-through penalty for a small run-in with Rubens Barrichello at the start of the race but that didn’t stop him from winning his first F1 race. Perhaps the more intriguing story is that Rubens and Brawn couldn’t turn an early race lead and Webber’s penalty into the win. Maybe the political fun and games with Max was more interesting. Continue reading

Deal Reached To Save F1 (UPDATED)

Max Mosley held a press conference this morning saying that the FIA and FOTA reached a deal this morning to keep Formula One as one series next season. Eight teams, known collectively as FOTA, were threatening to form their own series, starting in 2010. Continue reading

FOTA Breakaway Series Schedule Leaked

The British newspaper, The Guardian, claims to have gotten a hold of the desired schedule FOTA wants for its 2010 season. The rumoured schedule is 17 rounds long and visits a lot of old F1 venues that have left the series. The rumoured schedule and analysis after the jump. Continue reading

F1 British GP: I Give Up On TSN and Jarno Trulli

For the final time, the British Grand Prix was held at Silverstone. Sebastian Vettel took the win in a Red Bull one-two finish. Sadly, though, this won’t be the last Grand Prix aired on TSN. Once again, they managed to bring their coverage down a notch. Continue reading

FIA Starts Legal Action Against FOTA

As I predicted earlier today, the FIA will be taking legal action against FOTA over their proposed breakaway series. The FIA claims that the FOTA teams have breached contractual obligations and violated competition laws. They also singled out Ferrari in their legal action for their breach of commercial agreements with the FIA. Continue reading

FOTA Announces F1 Breakaway Series

The Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) has dropped a bombshell ahead of tomorrow’s announcement of the final entry list for the 2010 Formula One World Championship. In a move reminiscent of the CART/IRL split, FOTA announced on Thursday night that they would form their own breakaway series starting in 2010. Continue reading

Canadian GP To Return Next Year?

With the 2010 Formula One World Championship schedule to be released next week, it’s crunch time for promoters looking to get a Grand Prix on the calendar. After a year’s absence from the rotation, Canada looks to make a return to Formula One. But another group is might want its hands on a big race in Montreal. Continue reading

Provisional 2010 F1 Entry List Announced

The FIA announced the provisional entry list for the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship today. The 13 spots on the 2010 grid will filled with the 10 current F1 operations and 3 new start-up teams. Of course, with all the controversy leading up to this announcement, it would only be proper that the list itself was controversial. Continue reading

F1 Turkey: Of Brawn, Boycotts, and TSN2

Another round of the 2009 F1 circus and another Jenson Button master class. Or should I call it a Brawn master class? Button won his sixth grand prix of the season going away. However, there was a chance that it wasn’t to be and I’m not talking about Sebastien Vettel. Meanwhile, Canada wishes TSN would just go away and give F1 coverage to someone else. Continue reading

Formula 1 Teams Sign Up For 2010 Championship (UPDATE)

After months of fighting with the FIA over the proposed £40 million budget cap and the two different sets of technical regulations, it appears as though a solution has been found. All members of the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) have filed their applications for the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship. Continue reading