F1 Hungarian GP: What KERS Can Do For You

The Hungarian Grand Prix is traditionally one of the dullest races of the season. The Hungaroring is like a go-kart track that somebody put through the photocopier on enlarge. To win there, you need to qualify up front and hope for no mistakes on pit road. Pretty simple strategy but that’s exactly what determined the winner. Well, that and the magical KERS button. Continue reading

F1 Turkey: Of Brawn, Boycotts, and TSN2

Another round of the 2009 F1 circus and another Jenson Button master class. Or should I call it a Brawn master class? Button won his sixth grand prix of the season going away. However, there was a chance that it wasn’t to be and I’m not talking about Sebastien Vettel. Meanwhile, Canada wishes TSN would just go away and give F1 coverage to someone else. Continue reading