Sunday Link-Off: Burning Bridges

It’s the end of the week which means it’s time for some links. A quick FYI: Jackie’s taking over the Sunday links next week while I’m off. It also means that I won’t have an IndyCar write-up for you next week either. Granted, that terrible schedule of their’s probably deserves its own write-up.

For now, here’s Maitland Ward who you might remember from Boy Meets World and not a whole lot since.

Things have pretty well completely gone to hell in Egypt. Here’s one reporters look inside the protests where he got caught up in the violence. (The Daily Beast)

The investigation into the Rob Ford crack tape hasn’t ended. Police are looking to Ford friends who tried to acquire the tapes themselves. (Toronto Star)

Al-Qaeda tried using Twitter to solicit media tips. Well-intentioned Twitter users took the opportunity to troll them. (BuzzFeed)

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