Late Night Link-Off: All Good Things

Welcome to the last set of late night links. I’m retiring them after tonight. So to close out this short-lived linkdump series, here’s Candice Swanepoel.

Sadly, Candice isn’t on Twitter. However, there are plenty of other good looking women for you to follow. (Pop Crunch)

After the jump, the meaning of your fantasy woman, important advice for guys and what makes the British newspaper industry great.

Ever wonder what your fantasy woman says about you? Well a woman has deciphered the meaning of your fantasies. (Ask Men)

And on that note, here are eight reasons why you wouldn’t want to date a porn star. (Guyism)

In honour of the Rex Ryan foot fetish videos that we found out about last week, why don’t you check out the eight weirdest dating websites. (The Fresh Roll)

As always on the LNLO, here’s some helpful advice for you guys. With the Brett Favre dongslinger saga wrapped up (we hope), here are the dos and don’ts of sexting. (The Campus Socialite)

Something no guy understands is why women travel in packs. It really hurts our chances. Well, here’s a quick explanation that it can’t hurt to know. (Leftos)

Here’s a fun little list that I found. It’s a look at TV characters that died after sex. (UGO)

I love British newspapers. They spend more time gawking at pretty women than they do reporting the news. For example, this British newspaper felt compelled to report on Bar Refaeli wearing a bikini. (Daily Mail)

And for proof that British newspapers love the ladies, see where the Brits rank in this list of the sexiest mainstream newspapers. (COED)

Since Tom Brady is basically guaranteed to win the MVP after the Eagles loss to the Vikings, how about we give a shout out to Mrs. Brady, AKA Gisele Bundchen. (Complex)

I think we’ve done the food porn thing a few times on the late night links. This slightly very NSFW remix of Nigella Lawson would probably qualify.


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