Best of The Lowdown BlogCast: August 3, 2010

So the guys figured that if they can take Canada Day off, they can also get Civic Holiday off too. That means it’s time for another Best Of episode of the third season of The Lowdown BlogCast. This retrospective starts with the third edition of your favourite political sports-action-entertainment segment Raw is CPAC. That’s followed up by Steve’s review of The Beatles: Rock Band. Then a pair of Steve’s make the entertainment segment of the show. First, Stephen Harper makes It Came From YouTube. Then our very own Steve wins the Worst of Music. The boys examine the Conservative government’s plans to change the lyrics of Oh Canada using a “secret recording.” After a quick commercial break (for the Strokemeister), Steve takes a trip to an H1N1 vaccination clinic. The show closes up with a promo for Steve’s latest album, Home on the Range.

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