Wednesday Link-Off: Going, Going, Gone

Two for the price of one to lead off this linkdump. On the left is Kendra Andrews with her sister Erin. You might have heard of one of them.

Madden 11 drops next Tuesday. I’m excited about Gus Johnson being the new voice of the franchise but there is more to the game than that. (IGN)

Of course, there is one famous name that won’t be in this game. Yes, Brett Favre retired… Maybe. (ESPN Media Zone) Of the 13 of their own analysts, notice how 12 are sucking up to Favre. Schefter is the only one that knows how this’ll play out from here. Just like the rest of us. So, back before Week 1 or Minnesota’s bye week?

And one famous name that will be in the game but won’t be playing in real life is Albert Haynesworth. Well, I’m assuming that they force him to pass that conditioning test. It’s so easy that reporters are doing it. (Out of Bounds)

After the jump, baseball follies, congrats Lisa Simpson, and The Oregon Trail movie trailer.

Health and safety folk should be banned from western society. They’ve just ruined the summer for hundreds of thousands of kids by closing their ballfield down. (Deadspin)

If it wasn’t enough that health and safety people are ruining baseball, attendance is being artificially inflated by folks going to new stadiums. Baseball is just setting itself up for an inevitable crash and burn. (The Big Lead) There’s only one solution to save baseball: Bring back steroids.

The Sultan of Brunei is selling his Ferrari F50. It’s low mileage, one of only two right-hand drive models produced and in mint condition. (Top Gear) And you have to ask about the price, you can’t afford it.

While the burka and headscarf debates rage on in Europe, the Iranian women’s rugby team are taking headscarves on to the pitch. (The Daily Mail)

Coolest house ever? Coolest house ever. (Gizmodo)

Just because most of the world uses Internet Explorer doesn’t mean it’s great. It could have been better but ad sales got their hands on it. (Wall Street Journal) Does this actually mean someone at Microsoft knows what they’re doing? Shocking.

For a while there, PlayStation VP of Everything Kevin Butler was in a one-way Twitter feud with a New Zealand TV station that knocked-off one of his ads. So they sent him a cool apology package. (Kotaku)

Did you know that this weekend would have been Lisa Simpson’s wedding day? (Lauren Out Loud)

Normally this would be a link Jackie would run but I’m misappropriating it. Blake Lively tried and failed to steal a movie part from Scarlett Johansson. To quote ECW’s Joey Styles, CATFIGHT! CATFIIIGHT!!! (NY Daily News)

Want to play Halo at work? Then try this browser-based Halo game designed for the Atari 2600. (Code Mystics)

A pair of lists to close out this edition of the WLO. First, it’s nine ideas from science-fiction that are no longer fiction. (Blastr)

Second, it’s the greatest games to ship with your operating system. Or how Microsoft is costing the economy billions of dollars with more than blue screens of death. (Technologizer) I once saw a black screen of death. Hitting your computer with a hammer will do that.

Somebody put a lot of effort into this trailer for The Oregon Trail video game movie. They even play the movie out like a real game complete with overhunting and dysentery.

So Vanilla Ice has a show on the DIY Network where he flips houses. Somebody decided it was a good idea for Vanilla Ice to perform stunts on the show. Too bad they’re utterly craptacular.

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