Entertainment Link-Off: Superheroes Galore!

Kicking off this edition of the Entertainment Link-Off is Scarlett Johansson. She’ll be appearing in the upcoming Iron Man sequel, which is a film I intend on seeing on opening day.

After the jump, a bunch of superhero related links and a random Youtube music recommendation from me!

In celebration of the release of Kick-Ass in North America, let’s take a look at an interesting interview /Film did with the writer/producer Mark Millar. (Slashfilm)

Chloe Moretz responds to the outrage regarding her ultra violent teenage superhero character. (io9)

In other Kick-Ass news, McLovin’ talks about the possible sequel and reveals some awesome new sneakers. (io9)

It’s a match made in comic book geek heaven. Marvel is zeroing in on Joss Whedon to direct The Avengers! (Variety) I suppose there is a silver lining for Dollhouse to get canned.

It appears that Joss Whedon might not be done there! There is a report that he might be giving the Captain America script a bit of a tweak. (Pajiba)

Director Joe Johnson talks about the casting of Chris Evans as Captain America. (Earth’s Mightiest) I wasn’t entirely pleased with the casting choice, but I got nothing against the guy, so hopefully he’ll be able to pull it off.

Captain America has a love interest! (The Hollywood Reporter)

There is speculation that there will be an Easter Egg attached to the new Iron Man flick. Okay folks, speculate away. (IESB)

There won’t be a cliffhanger ending for Iron Man 2 and Jon Favreau has no idea what will happen between Iron Man 2 and 3. Be very afraid. (LA Times)

While Marvel is busy pumping out films, it looks like DC will be doing the same thing. While Geoff Johns is fairly mum about the details, he is hinting of some big announcement during Comic-Con this year. So the Marvel vs. DC saga continues, which side are you on? (Comic Book Resources)

Over at the Predators website, there has been weekly featurettes on the characters in the movie. This week, it’s Edwin played by Topher Grace. Apparently he will be armed with a scalpel. So… who thinks he won’t make it out of this movie alive? (Predators Movie)

Jonah Hex is scheduled to hit theatres before the Predators movie but we haven’t seen any clips from it. Why? Apparently it’s crap! (NY Mag)

Guess what folks? The Hobbit movie hasn’t been greenlit. All this talk made it seem like it’s happening, but there’s nothing official yet. Allow Peter Jackson to provide you an update. (Moviefone)

Crossover of the day: Imagine what would happen if they made a sequel to that cartoon flick Monsters vs. Aliens and threw in a certain character by the name of… oh I dunno… Ripley. (Super Punch)

FOX was a bit slow and it turns out that Conan is not headed to TBS. He may have not lit up the ratings chart on NBC, but if he holds onto his audience, he’ll be a bonafide hit on the cable network. (NY Daily News)

Seems like Alan Sepinwall also agrees that Conan to TBS is a good move. (NJ.com)

Nicholas Cage certainly redeemed himself after appearing in the new film Kick-Ass, but he definitely made another big splash on The Tonight Show when he managed to get Alfred’s full name in the Batman trivia. However, he was no match for Batman himself, Adam West. (Worst Previews)

Here’s a first look at another summer show. It’s Rookie Blue (formerly known as Copper) starring Gregory Smith (Everwood) and Missy Peregrym (CW’s Reaper). I’m usually not big on cop shows, but where Everwood alum leads, I will follow. (The TV Addict)

Supernatural just celebrated its 100th episode this past Thursday! This season hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations but it’s picking up steam once again. Anyway, for those who want more Supernatural action, go check out the spinoff webseries Ghostfacers! Remember those guys? They were about to have a spinoff show, but it didn’t pan out, so now it’s a webseries. I suppose it’s better than nothing. (Zap2it)

Hurray! Chuck has won E! Online’s Save One Show campaign! With 52% of the vote, Team Bartowski has kept those folks of One Tree Hill at bay. Then again, it doesn’t really matter since the only thing that really counts is the amount of eyeballs tuning into the live broadcasts. Oh well, at least the fan (and media) support is there! (E! Online)

Chuck guest star Kristen Kreuk just went from getting ‘Hitched’ to getting ditched. She was recast in the CBS comedy pilot. (Deadline)

Want to know what might be hitting your television screens this fall? Check out the TV pilots hotlist. (Deadline)

Check out the amazing art project known as Star Wars Uncut. It’s basically a mash of 472 15-second fanmade clips to recreate Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. (Slashfilm)

Hell might have frozen over because Harrison Ford will be taking part in a Star Wars related Q&A! (LA Times)

It’s time for a special ELO edition of “It Came From Youtube”!

Normally I would end off the entry with a series of random and perhaps funny Youtube videos. I thought it’ll be nice to change it up a bit.

There are plenty of aspiring singers/songwriters that recording their own performances and post them on Youtube. In fact, that’s how certain artists like Marie Digby and Kina Grannis got their start. This week I am introducing you to Robynn Yip, a singer/songwriter based in Hong Kong.

Based on a friend’s recommendation, I visited her Youtube page and ended up spending a lot of time listening to her covers and original tracks. She has an good voice and I like her song choices for covers.

There are also a few acts that are associated with her that are also worth a look/listen, so the Youtubing definitely branches off from there.

Visit her Youtube page for more videos.



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