The Lowdown Extra: December 17, 2009

Tonight’s special episode of The Lowdown Extra was originally going to be the Lowdown Christmas Special. It was rejected because there wasn’t enough Canadian content but that doesn’t mean that we can’t run it online. This special online exclusive features our choices for the weirdest Christmas music out there. It’s 32 minutes and eight songs of head-scratching Christmas music and Lowdown insanity. As usual, all the action comes to you uncut and uncensored.

Click here to download Lowdown Extra.

Tonight’s Playlist:
Chris de Burgh – A Spaceman Came Travelling
Willie Nelson – Little Dealer Boy (f. Stephen Colbert)
Elmo & Patsy – Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
The Beach Boys – Santa’s Beard
Spike Jones – All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth
Meco, Anthony Daniels, Ben Burtt – Christmas in the Stars
Bobnoxious – Ho Ho Ho
Twisted Sister – The Christmas Song

Legal Disclaimer: Canadian copyright law allows for the broadcast of copyrighted material if it is being criticized. Because we are referring to every song as a piece of weird Christmas song, we believe we are in compliance with the applicable Canadian law. Any complaints can be sent to: Legal Department, North Pole, Canada, H0H 0H0.


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