Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Second Annual Meltdown

Heading into game six, it looked like it would be a good day for the Vancouver Canucks. Roberto Luongo was playing well. The defence was joining the rush and giving Antti Niemi fits. And Sami Salo’s ruptured testicle wasn’t actually ruptured (which is good news for him and all men). The Chicago Blackhawks, though, knew that they needed a stellar effort to avoid a game seven. After all, in any game, anything can happen. Continue reading


Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Never Surrender

After having some big disciplinary problems in game four, the Vancouver Canucks had to enter enemy territory to stay in the playoffs. For the Chicago Blackhawks, the plan was simple. Play physical, run Luongo, and ride momentum to a conference final return. With San Jose already resting for their opponent, the Hawks needed a win last night to minimize the rest advantage the Sharks had over them. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night in Canada: 3 Is the Magic Number

Another night of Stanley Cup playoffs, another night of game threes. Last night, both games ended with a 3 goal difference. One team takes a 3-0 lead. Also a certain player managed to get his first ever career playoff hat-trick. It’s a special night for #3 indeed. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Moment of Weakness

Another set of game ones kicked off last night for the Stanley Cup playoffs semifinals. Over in the Eastern Conference, the two underdogs Flyers and Bruins faceoff in a high scoring match. In the Western Conference, the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams Blackhawks and Canucks kick off a rematch of last year’s semifinal playoff series. All four teams are showing some of their flaws and the winner of each series just might depend on how much they can cover it up with offensive firepower or perhaps whether they can take advantage of a slip-up by the other team. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Taking Charge or Staying Alive

There was 2 themes going on last night in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Take charge or stay alive. Two teams won their games to break the tie in the series while two others that were on the brink of elimination managed to pull of victories to stay in the playoff race. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Double The OT, Double The Fun

For the first time in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs, we had a game go to double overtime. While that may say something about parody in the NHL, the fact that we added two more teams to the list of squads that are one loss from elimination doesn’t. The third of last night’s series was levelled at two with an unexpected offensive explosion. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: One Goal Makes All the Difference

It was another night of close games in the NHL Playoffs. Continuing a theme from the first night, a big underdog picked up a Game One win. The games also made for a total of seven (of seven) games that ended within one goal. There were even a pair of overtime games for the first time this post-season on what was an exciting second night of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night in Canada: It’s A Scoring Frenzy!

There were two high scoring games last night. The Capitals were looking to tie the series and force a game 7 against the Penguins. The Canucks were also attempting to keep their playoff dreams alive against the Blackhawks. Only one of these teams lasted long enough to live another day. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Back To Back

In a first for these playoffs, a series went on back-to-back nights. After winning game four last night, the Penguins travelled to Washington looking to take their third straight against the Caps. Meanwhile, the Canucks were looking to take a lead in a game and hold it down for a win against Chicago. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: All Tied Up

It was Thursday night with the Western Conference last night. Vancouver looked to take a stranglehold of their series against Chicago. Meanwhile, Detroit was trying to put a controversial goal behind them and even up their series with Anaheim. Continue reading