Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Staying in the Race

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Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: No Rest for the Wicked

Two days after toppling the upstart Phoenix Coyotes, the Detroit Red Wings were back at it. With little rest, they had to take on the rested and dangerous Western Conference #1 seed San Jose Sharks. The Sharks looked in trouble early on in their series against Colorado but 3 straight wins sent them to the second round. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Total Wipeout!

Quiet night in the Stanley Cup playoffs since there was only one game taking place. It was game 7 of the matchup between the Detroit Red Wings and Phoenix Coyotes. One of those suffered a monumental collapse paving the way for the other to advance to the semifinals. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Taking Charge or Staying Alive

There was 2 themes going on last night in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Take charge or stay alive. Two teams won their games to break the tie in the series while two others that were on the brink of elimination managed to pull of victories to stay in the playoff race. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Deja Vu

Another exciting night of hockey playoffs. A few teams are pulling away and are closing in on clinching the series while others are tied up once again. At the end of the night, a few things felt all too familiar. Whether it was the score of the game or the player that saved the day or a situation that resembles a matchup that took place back in 2000, it certainly brought up some good hockey memories no matter when it took place. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Revenge Is Sweet

It was a busy night of hockey in the NHL Playoffs. Continuing a theme from the first two nights, a big underdog picked up a Game One win. A few series were tied up. The empty net goal also made a few appearances. There was also a high-scoring overtime game between the Avalanche and the Sharks to cap off the third night of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night in Canada: Hoisting the Cup

It all came down to this. After Pittsburgh’s win in game 6, we headed back to Motown for a final definitive game to determine the Stanley Cup champions. While the Red Wings had the home ice advantage, the Penguins were hoping to ruin the party at Joe Louis Arena. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night in Canada: Paddling on Thin Ice

All the Wings needed was a win last night to claim their second Stanley Cup in a row. They have ruined the party at the igloo last year when they defeated the Penguins in six games. Was there a repeat performance last night? Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night in Canada: Home Cooking Never Tasted So Good

It’s too soon to say that this is the game of desperation as the series is knotted at twos. However, a win tonight will put either team a step closer to obtaining the Stanley Cup. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: All Tied Up

After a big win in game three, the Penguins had an opportunity to ride the momentum to a tied series. However, if history has anything to teach us, game four was when the Pens wilted under the pressure last year. Detroit was without its MVP candidate Pavel Datsyuk once again. Would these counteracting factors favour the home side or the visitors? Continue reading