Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: And Then There Were Two

The Montreal Canadiens were in a familiar situation. Down in the series once again, the Canadiens were hoping to pull off another comeback in hopes of reaching the conference finals. Everyone is always up for a good underdog story, but unfortunately not all underdog stories conclude with a happy ending. Continue reading


Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Same Old Song and Dance

After a four-goal victory in game three, the Montreal Canadiens were looking to carry the momentum into an unusual afternoon game on Saturday. A win by the Habs would mean that we would have a best of three series to determine the Eastern Conference champion. The Flyers are no stranger to having a team down and finishing them. They already made quick work of the New Jersey Devils and are looking to put Montreal one loss away from elimination. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: The Tables Have Turned

It’s not over til it’s over. That’s what the Montreal Canadiens are trying to say last night at the Bell Centre as they attempt to claw back into the series after taking a serious beating in the first two games of the series. While physical play is an important factor in the game of hockey, other factors like speed and being able to capitalize on plays are also important. That’s something the Canadiens have finally figured out. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Bad Beats

In the last week, we’ve had Katy Perry and Marisa Miller named the sexiest woman in the world. But why isn’t there any love for Miranda Kerr?

Well, we know he ain’t re-signing the Cavs now. LeBron’s mom is allegedly sleeping with Delonte West. (Terez Owens)

Tim Donaghy is back in the public eye. Now he’s telling gambling horror stories to Deadspin. (Deadspin) Beats gambling tips from a 12-year-old.

Eric Byrnes went 2-for-3 with two dingers the other night… In a beer league slow-pitch softball game. Hell, even I’d be hard-pressed not to pull that off. (Pro Rumors)

After the jump, the future of comedy movies, some baseball links, and Montreal’s spectacular playoff run. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Burn It To The Ground

It was two Eastern Conference semi-final elimination games for hockey fans last night. The Montreal Canadiens were looking to do the impossible yet again by eliminating a superior team in a game seven. No matter what happened in that game, a near riot was expected in Montreal. Meanwhile, Philadelphia was trying to avoid elimination for the third straight game. Two more wins would mean history but a rusty goalie meant their luck had to run out some time. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Hold On For One More Day

A day after the Vancouver Canucks staved off elimination, it was time for the Montreal Canadiens and Philadelphia Flyers to try to pull the same trick. The Flyers just barely survived game four at home but needed to dig deeper on the road in Boston. Meanwhile, Montreal has to bounce back from a game five loss to force a game seven. For Philly, this was new ground while it was the status quo for the Habs. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Staying in the Race

Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Resurgence of Key Players

It’s a series of game twos in the semi-finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Perhaps there was some sort of wake up call last night because key players from certain teams really stepped up. After a beating from the Penguins last game, Jaroslav Halak seems to be back in top form. Meanwhile in the shark tank, the big guns from San Jose finally found their offensive touch. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Saves Save The Day

After being down 3-1 to start the series, the Montreal Canadiens fought their way back to tie the series at threes. They were carried that way by Jaroslav Halak who put together two masterful performances after being benched in game four. However, Halak had one more game to play to cement himself as a legend in Montreal. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: A Night of Game Sixes

All three games last night were game sixes as there was a team in each game on the brink of elimination. One of the three made it out alive and it might not be the one you were expecting. Continue reading