Wednesday Link-Off: Merry Christmas (Eve)

nina-agdal-leonisa14-27Sometimes being a game reviewer is a thankless job. Right now I’m playing an indie game that I was actually looking forward to and finding out all sorts of issues like controls and AI lunacy that make the game’s boss fights border on the impossible. 

Anyway, twas the morn before Christmas and all through the blog,
Steve was setting up a rhyme that was a proper log.

That was a shit joke because that my attempts at poetry often end very, very badly. So let’s just skip my bad attempts at utilizing the English language. It’s time for the links. Here’s Nina Agdal.

Bad news! New Canadian digital piracy laws come into effect on January 2nd. Get your downloading done now. Then get that anonymous torrent downloading thing. Tribler? Something like that. (Vice)

After eight days of deliberations, the jury in the Luka Magnotta trial found him guilty of the first-degree murder of Jun Lin. (CBC News)

Sam Biddle, who discovered the original infamous tweet, details his first face-to-face meeting with Justine Sacco, the woman who rose to Twitter infamy when tweeting an AIDS “joke” before getting on a flight. (Gawker)

Until this weekend, I forgot that NBC bounced David Gregory from the host’s chair on Meet the Press for Chuck Todd. Here’s a look at how that happened. (Washingtonian)

People in the know are starting to think that North Korea didn’t hack Sony. (Gawker)

And Sony is threatening to sue Twitter if they don’t ban users who are sharing infos from the Sony hack. (Motherboard)

Marissa Mayer took over Yahoo as CEO to great fanfare. Two years later, it’s an unmitigated disaster. (New York Times)

Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer did an AMA on Reddit. Not the greatest AMA of all-time but it’s Jon Taffer. (/r/iAMA)

Just for fun, here’s a look behind the scenes of The Last of Us with a bunch of facts you may not have known. Spoilers!

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