Wayne Manor vs Fortress of Solitude (Infographic)

It’s been a while since we’ve had a fantasy real estate infographic but we’ve been sent another infographic to celebrate the release of Batman v Superman: Prequel of Justice. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve looked at the Batmobile and the cost of being Batman v. Superman. Today, we look at the battle of headquarters. What would cost you more to buy (and heat): Wayne Manor or the Fortress of Solitude?

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The Cost of Being Batman v. Superman (Infographic)

Yesterday, we took a look at the history of the Batmobile. If you were Bruce Wayne, you would know that buying or developing the latest in gadgetry to become the great detective of Gotham isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s impossibly expensive to be Batman. However, nobody ever asks how much it costs to be Superman. Well, that’s probably because Superman doesn’t need fancy gadgets but just himself to dispense justice. So thanks to this handy infographic, let’s take a look at how much it costs to be both Batman and Superman.

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Superman vs. Batman: Who Wins?

Ahead of next week’s release of the DC Comics fighting game Injustice, Jackie and I have been debating who would win in the ultimate fight between Batman and Superman. No other pair of battling superheroes can stir up the same debate that these two can, even the whole lot of Marvel heroes.

Yesterday, we made our cases for our superhero of choice. As a long time fan, Jackie said that Batman beats Superman. Being a fan since childhood, I said that Superman would beat the Bat. Now, it’s your turn to tell us which superhero would win the ultimate fight.
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Superman vs. Batman: Why Batman Wins

batman rulesIn anticipation of the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Steve and I are tackling the ultimate question as we look forward to the game’s release. Today, we would look at who would win the fight between Superman and Batman. While Steve chose to back the dude in the red cape and tight blue spandex, I will look at why Batman would win.

So why would Batman win you ask? Well he’s the freakin’ Dark Knight! He’s badass! He’s the Batman! That’s right. Crushed it.

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Superman vs. Batman: Why Superman Wins

batman-vs-supermanIn the run up to the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us next week, we’re looking ahead to the game by answering the ultimate question. It’s not life, the universe and everything. It’s who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman. Today, Steve looks at why Superman would win.

Superman wins because he’s freaking Superman! That’s it. Mic drop…

Okay, you want an actual answer? Well, Superman is very appropriately named because he is the most super of all superheroes. He can fly, he has x-ray vision, he has super hearing and vision (not just x-ray vision), he can shoot solar energy from his eyes and is almost completely invulnerable.

There is only one way that you can hurt Superman and there lies the only possible way that Batman can beat Superman.

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Entertainment Link-Off: S.A.D.

In theatres this weekend, there’s the sequel to the 3D schlock-fest Journey to the Center of the Earth titled Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Instead of having Brendan Fraser in the leader, Dwayne Johnson has taken over this time around. There’s also the CIA action thriller Safe House starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. And finally, just in time for Singles Awareness Day… I mean Valentine’s Day, there’s the romance drama The Vow starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. Oh what the heck, let’s start this ELO with the Canadian leading lady shall we?

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