Superman vs. Batman: Why Batman Wins

batman rulesIn anticipation of the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Steve and I are tackling the ultimate question as we look forward to the game’s release. Today, we would look at who would win the fight between Superman and Batman. While Steve chose to back the dude in the red cape and tight blue spandex, I will look at why Batman would win.

So why would Batman win you ask? Well he’s the freakin’ Dark Knight! He’s badass! He’s the Batman! That’s right. Crushed it.

Sure, Batman doesn’t have the superhuman abilities like Superman. He can’t fly. He ain’t got no super hearing. He certainly doesn’t have x-ray vision. He can’t shoot solar energy from his eyes, but at least he ain’t afraid of Kryptonite!

So in a regular fist-fight, Batman would not stand a chance. He’ll be flying straight into the sun after a sucker punch from Superman. By assessing based on purely physical attributes, Superman would win hands down since he isn’t human after all. Thankfully it takes more than simple brute force in order to win a fight. Bruce Wayne is a smart fellow and he’s also filthy rich. It takes a very intelligent man to run a large organization and also stop crazy criminals in his free time. Batman’s physical capabilities and weapon arsenal is somewhat limited if he was to battle Superman but his greatest strength lies in his mind. He is a great planner/strategist. Given time, Batman can easily work out a solution on how to defeat Superman. Given his wealth and access to vast resources, he can potentially work on a trap and maybe figure out a way to completely disarm the Man of Steel. Sure, Batman can rely on the usual green or gold kryptonite to sap Superman of his powers, but keep in mind that Lex Luthor has been doing that for ages and see how far it got him? It will take careful planning and not simply involve loading up a gun with Kryptonite to kill Superman. That being said, it is entirely possible that Batman can shoot a gun loaded with Kryptonite bullets in it. Superman does have super speed and can perhaps dodge those bullets, but if he’s cocky enough to simply fly straight on through, he’d be a dead man.

batman_vs_superman_w1Say if Batman was to build a suit with Kryptonite, it can weaken Superman quite a bit. At that point, where their physical abilities are suddenly even, Batman would gain the upper hand as he had martial arts training. Superman just grew up as a farm boy. It is definitely a possibility for him to build a suit like that. He got the intelligence and the money. When you got that type of power, nothing is impossible.

Superman also has a ridiculously bright outfit whereas Batman is better at hiding in the environment. Sure, X-Ray vision would give Superman the upper hand but at least Batman did not make himself a target by wearing tight blue and red spandex.

Batman’s paranoia and inability to trust others can work in his favour. Remember in JLA: Tower of Babel, Batman had a contingency plan and worked out ways to kill off his fellow Justice League members including Superman if anything went wrong. His forethinking and his ability to keep his cards close to his heart can help him strategize and figure out a way to defeat Superman.

Of course, sometimes one does not need to physically participate in a fight to win the fight. Given that Superman was killed by Doomsday at one point and if Batman can utilize his wits, he can easily manipulate Doomsday to kick Supe’s sorry ass. Better yet, incapacitate him to the point where Batman can come in at the last minute to finish off Superman for good with that Kryptonite bullet he carries around in his utility belt. Also, if anyone is wondering if Batman has ever defeated/killed Superman before, please refer back to 1991.

batman beats supermanSo you may argue that time shouldn’t be a factor and it should only involve Batman vs. Superman mano-a-mano. Just the usual fisticuffs and nothing more. That fight wouldn’t last a second. Batman is human. Superman ain’t. Simple as that. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Superman can win a physical fight. Batman can outwit him. So what should be the final decision? You can run as many scenarios as possible and come to a conclusion that the end result would be a 50-50 split. So let’s take the battle beyond the act of harming each other. Let’s break the fourth wall a bit and just compare the latest films to decide the last one standing in this face-off. Time for a Tomato-meter challenge!

As Man of Steel has yet to reach the big screen (but given Zack Snyder’s latest efforts in comic book adaptations has been somewhat sub-par), don’t expect it to top what Christopher Nolan has done with Batman. Bryan Singer’s last attempt in Superman Returns only garnered a 76% Tomatometer score while the latest batch of Batman films have scored well above that. Also the Batman films were much bigger draws at the box office compared to Supe.

Moving on, let’s go back into their fictional universe and compare their lives. Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne is ridiculously rich. Sure he inherited it from his parents, but give him credit for being able to maintain that wealth. Superman is merely an average reporter. It will take him several lifetimes to make what Bruce can generate over the years.

anne-hathaway-catwoman-catwomen-1608025305How about the ladies? Batman has a bit more luck with them compared to good ol’ Clark Kent. Batman has been able to land the likes of June Madison, Vicky Vale, Sylvia St. Cloud, Tahlia Al-Ghul and most importantly Catwoman. Meanwhile, Superman’s biggest accomplishment is Lois Lane and perhaps Wonder Woman in his latest incarnation.

Superman got no car. Batman has a sweet ride. Nuff said. I’m sure Jeremy Clarkson would agree. Yes, that’s right Steve, I am playing the Top Gear card.

superman_vs_batmanSo Superman wins in strength, speed and any other physical attributes. Batman meanwhile is smarter and richer. Batman might lose easily in a regular fist-fight, but at least he’s got a lot of money, has some sweet rides, hooks up with a few ladies and still manages to save the day. Even if he doesn’t beat Superman to a pulp, at least Batman has accomplished more and beats Superman in every way in terms of having a life.


9 thoughts on “Superman vs. Batman: Why Batman Wins

  1. don`t forget that superman did actully put doomsday down to,so that fight both won and loose it.are u trying to tell us that batman can beat doomsday i don`t think so.and batman can not beat superman in fair figth only if he use kryptonite but then it won`t be a fair figth,in a fair figth batman would have got him self killed and even so superman would never have gived is all against batman because if he gives all he got in the figth batman is finish and superman is kryptonian so he is smart to so batman is not smarter then superman,its because some of u are batman fans it is the reason u guys say it`s 50-50 but that is not true,superman is no.1 and batman is no.2 i like them both but superman can kill batman in a fair figth so batman can`t figth fair so he needs to cheat only coward people do that;)


  2. Well this is an example of a lousy arguement, no insult intended. Please read to the end. Firstly, Superman is so vastly ahead of so many (not all) of his colleagues as well as enemies that the only way a story can be formulated to interest a reader/watcher is to either cut down on his abilities or ignore aspects of the man all together. He can reconstruct molecules in the midst of an explosion to diffuse it, understand Kryptonian tech millions of years ahead of that of earth, but somehow he is stupid enough to go right up to Batman and his kryptonite! Come on, really??! He’ll forget he can just toss a building, use a metal rod, eye beams etc
    Also, Clark Kent’s boy scout character is just a ruse, dude has no mask after all. I mean, if Superman wanted a car, women etc … nuff said. But what for, flying across the galaxy, Lois Lane(more morally upright than Batsy), chilling on the porch in Smallville etc

    Cards on the table, no hold backs, gloves off….. Bruce Wayne can’t compete against Kal-el. Neither physically, nor mentally.

    It’s a war of the fans I guess. Unfortunately world wide, the boy scout has more quotes as well as fans than the billionaire playboy.
    However, Bruce is closer to humanity and I can relate better to him. So, surprise surprise…. I root for the Bat. He is my main comic character after all and if the publishers have decided to make the man of steel a buffoon at all turns, that’s not on us. Let’s load up our kryptonite and go win this match. And we will.

    PS: Still a stupid arguement! Like the age old “Men Vs Women”.


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