Superman vs. Batman: Who Wins?

Ahead of next week’s release of the DC Comics fighting game Injustice, Jackie and I have been debating who would win in the ultimate fight between Batman and Superman. No other pair of battling superheroes can stir up the same debate that these two can, even the whole lot of Marvel heroes.

Yesterday, we made our cases for our superhero of choice. As a long time fan, Jackie said that Batman beats Superman. Being a fan since childhood, I said that Superman would beat the Bat. Now, it’s your turn to tell us which superhero would win the ultimate fight.

For more on Injustice, check out our demo impressions and the Injustice tag.


2 thoughts on “Superman vs. Batman: Who Wins?

  1. Well this is an example of a lousy arguement, no insult intended. Please read to the end. Firstly, Superman is so vastly ahead of so many (not all) of his colleagues as well as enemies that the only way a story can be formulated to interest a reader/watcher is to either cut down on his abilities or ignore aspects of the man all together. He can reconstruct molecules in the midst of an explosion to diffuse it, understand Kryptonian tech millions of years ahead of that of earth, but somehow he is stupid enough to go right up to Batman and his kryptonite! Come on, really??! He’ll forget he can just toss a building, use a metal rod, eye beams etc

    Cards on the table, no hold backs, gloves off….. Bruce Wayne can’t compete against Kal-el. Neither physically, nor mentally.

    The result 50-50 has nothing to do with a fight. Those are results for readers answering the question: “Who do you like more Supes or Bats?”

    Going by online stats, worldwide, Supes is not only referenced a thousand times more than Bats, he is also more well known and has a bigger fan base. However, Bats has been featured in a line of successful films of recent and is riding that wave, making this an opportune time for hime to take this poll. Let’s go Bats.

    PS: Still a stupid arguement! Like the age old “Men Vs Women”.


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