Superheroines vs Supervillainesses: The Women of the DC Universe (Infographic)

So Batman v Superman: Donna Justice isn’t doing as well as Warner Bros hoped that it would do. I hate to say that the whole world told them so but they saw who the director was and told them so.

Now, Batman v Superman puts the names of the two male protagonists front and centre. The Justice League and Suicide Squad are both mostly made up of men. However, beyond just Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn, DC actually features a whole host of strong female characters in their universe. To learn a little more about them, here’s a handy infographic that’s a primer to the women of the DC Universe.

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Wayne Manor vs Fortress of Solitude (Infographic)

It’s been a while since we’ve had a fantasy real estate infographic but we’ve been sent another infographic to celebrate the release of Batman v Superman: Prequel of Justice. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve looked at the Batmobile and the cost of being Batman v. Superman. Today, we look at the battle of headquarters. What would cost you more to buy (and heat): Wayne Manor or the Fortress of Solitude?

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The Cost of Being Batman v. Superman (Infographic)

Yesterday, we took a look at the history of the Batmobile. If you were Bruce Wayne, you would know that buying or developing the latest in gadgetry to become the great detective of Gotham isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s impossibly expensive to be Batman. However, nobody ever asks how much it costs to be Superman. Well, that’s probably because Superman doesn’t need fancy gadgets but just himself to dispense justice. So thanks to this handy infographic, let’s take a look at how much it costs to be both Batman and Superman.

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The Evolution of the Batmobile (Infographic)

How many billionaires that you’ve heard of are there that don’t love cars? Most of them like to show off their wealth by buying cars and leaving them in the garage to gather dust. It’s a perfectly cromulent use of the automobile.

Now, if you’re billionaire Bruce Wayne, your car of choice tends to need to be both stylish and functional. More importantly, your car says quite a lot about you. So ahead of the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, our friends over at Select Car Leasing have put together a handy infographic looking at the changes the Batmobile has undergone from the days of Adam West to the modern era of Batfleck.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Awaken

anna-kendrick-glamouruk15-06Hello Saturday crew. Steve in for Jackie this week. I certainly lucked into a good week to cover the entertainment beat. Between a new Star Wars trailer, a new Batman v Superman trailer, news for both movies and Gwyneth Paltrow’s food stamp experiment, this was an entertaining week to be a fan of entertainment and pop culture. Oh, I almost forgot that Game of Thrones premiered this week. We might have reviewed this week’s episode.

Anyway, it’s time to cut the preamble and get down to business with this week’s Entertainment Link-Off. Since we have a few links about her in here, let’s kick this post off with Anna Kendrick.

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