Man Lab Showdown: Stacy Keibler vs. Trish Stratus

With Summerslam only a few days away, I thought that now was the perfect time for a wrestling-themed edition of the Man Lab Showdown. I’m probably going to sound old when I say this but wrestling was far better in my day. Okay, everyone says that about their generation but wrestling was never better than at the peak of the Monday Night Wars. That includes the WWE (then WWF) Divas.

For today’s battle, in one corner, it’s wrestler turned George Clooney ex turned occasional actress Stacy Keibler. In the other corner is seven-time WWE Women’s Champion turned fitness guru Trish Stratus.


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Sunday Link-Off: Biography

Despite the fact that we’re only 8 days away from Halloween, we actually have fewer Halloween links than on Wednesday. That means I can’t use my prepared joke about starting this edition of the SLO with the very unscary Stacy Keibler.

Every Steve Jobs biography that was being written has been expedited. That includes the authorized biography by Walter Isaacson. Naturally, some of the more interesting parts of the book have been leaked. (Gizmodo)

We’re only a month away from the release of the already infamous book about LeBron James’ move to Miami. Here’s the first excerpt which is about Miami Heat fans… Or lack there of. (Esquire)

We have one rule of thumb around here that we almost never break: Whenever we find a good profile of Bill Murray (AKA Cuz), we are obligated to link to it. (The Guardian)

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Sunday Link-Off: Behind The Mic

Let’s kick off today’s SLO with Stacy Keibler pictured at the Maxim Hot 100 party. Inexplicably, she was only #82 on the list.

As we all know, Gus Johnson is the new voice of Madden football. EA Sports put a couple of gaming writers through their paces to see if they could hang with Gus while calling a game. The results were predictably hilarious. (Kotaku)

If you’re looking for sports commentary on the opposite end of Gus, a soccer broadcaster for Sky Sports invented his own version of the English language to answer a simple question. (Today’s Big Thing)

When you’re a young upstart in sports, leaving tickets for a crush is kinda cute. One Red Sox minor leaguer’s crush on Erin Andrews has gone from kinda cute to very pathetic. (Last Angry Fan)

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Sunday Link-Off: In Theory

Seeing as we’re doing our WrestleMania countdown over the next couple of weeks, it’s only appropriate that we feature Stacy Keibler. The only real question is who was the hotter WWE Diva: Keibler or Stratus?

The folks at the Huffington Post would like to remind you that if your views don’t line up with their (or presumably their advertisers), they’ll pull your post. Even if you’re the former Governor of Minnesota and smarter than 99% of Washington. (Gawker)

They may not be favourites to host the Olympics any time soon but the professional athletes of the world love visiting Toronto. The drinking age has something to do with it. (Wall Street Journal)

They finally found Crosby’s gold medal winning stick and glove. The bad news is that the Commies have it. This means war! (Deadspin)

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