So You Say You Want a #DivasRevolution?

wwe-summerslam-2015-divas-tag-matchRegular readers know that I’m an occasional wrestling watcher. For the most part, I watch NXT and Lucha Underground. One thing that both shows get right that the WWE hasn’t figured out on Raw or SmackDown is how to make the female talent matter. On both NXT and Lucha Underground, women are an important part of the show with their own interesting characters and stories rather than filler to get through five-plus hours of television each week.

The WWE have tried to fix that with their #DivasRevolution™ on Raw and SmackDown. After only a month and a half, it seems to have run out of steam. The crowd at Raw on Monday night turned on the Divas™ match that was part of 20+ minutes of talking and match segments. The wrestlers blamed the fans for not being behind the WWE’s #DivasRevolution but the problem is that the revolution has been doomed to failure, intentionally or unintentionally, from the start.

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Man Lab Showdown: Stacy Keibler vs. Trish Stratus

With Summerslam only a few days away, I thought that now was the perfect time for a wrestling-themed edition of the Man Lab Showdown. I’m probably going to sound old when I say this but wrestling was far better in my day. Okay, everyone says that about their generation but wrestling was never better than at the peak of the Monday Night Wars. That includes the WWE (then WWF) Divas.

For today’s battle, in one corner, it’s wrestler turned George Clooney ex turned occasional actress Stacy Keibler. In the other corner is seven-time WWE Women’s Champion turned fitness guru Trish Stratus.


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