Sunday Link-Off: Biography

Despite the fact that we’re only 8 days away from Halloween, we actually have fewer Halloween links than on Wednesday. That means I can’t use my prepared joke about starting this edition of the SLO with the very unscary Stacy Keibler.

Every Steve Jobs biography that was being written has been expedited. That includes the authorized biography by Walter Isaacson. Naturally, some of the more interesting parts of the book have been leaked. (Gizmodo)

We’re only a month away from the release of the already infamous book about LeBron James’ move to Miami. Here’s the first excerpt which is about Miami Heat fans… Or lack there of. (Esquire)

We have one rule of thumb around here that we almost never break: Whenever we find a good profile of Bill Murray (AKA Cuz), we are obligated to link to it. (The Guardian)

After the jump, an LFL walkout, what we really think of your Facebook status updates and 10 years of PTI.

The Lingerie Football League might be in a bit of trouble. The league’s shady practices are coming to light after a walkout of Toronto Triumph players. (55-Yard Line)

Speaking of football, did you see the video of the streaker at the UCLA/Arizona game? Well, he’s being charged with criminal impersonation and could be sentenced to 18 months in prison. Who knew it was illegal to dress up as a football referee? Those fake umpires from Toronto better not dress up at a Diamondbacks game. (Tucson Citizen)

I’ve always thought that BC had an odd way of determining popularity on the internet but it seems to be popular itself. Anyway, here’s their list of the 50 most popular athletes on the internet based on results generated by Google. (Busted Coverage)

I hate to break it to you but we might all be rats in a maze to them. Them being the people who made the computer simulation that we’re all living in. (io9)

Texas recently ended the practice of the last meal for death row inmates because they’re a bunch of pricks. But is it really a money-saving move or politically-motivated? A former death row chef explains. (New York Times)

Best wedding invitation ever? It’s a Super Mario Brothers themed wedding invitation in the shape of an NES cartridge. (Unreality)

Facebook would be great if you could just stop seeing everyone’s dumb status updates. Unfortunately, it would be uncivil to tell people they’re assholes for some of their updates. Fortunately, someone chose to articulate how we actually react to most of the dumb status updates in our timelines. (Guyism)

The only thing more embarrassing that seeing what some people post on Facebook is what people tweet about on Twitter. Here are the 10 most tweeted about moments in history. And #1 makes me weep for society. (CNBC)

Now you knew I wasn’t going to leave you completely in the dark with Halloween links. Here are 13 songs that you absolutely must have on your Halloween party playlist and some acceptable substitutes to pad the playlist or change things up. (Nerdist)

We’ve been covering the Occupy lately. We’ve done a photo gallery of Occupy and a Humanoids column dedicated to Occupy. Today, we’ve got infographics that the 99% have been printing on money so the 1% will see them… Like the 1% carry $1 bills. (Gizmodo)

And since we started with Cuz, here’s a gallery of people hanging out with Bill Murray. (Uproxx)

Since we had the Mario wedding invitations earlier, I figured that this melody of Mario music was only appropriate.

Pardon The Interruption celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday. Here’s some of the highlights from their very first episode from back in 2001.

Here’s our real or fake video of the day. A man quits his job at a hotel by bringing in a brass marching band to play him out. I’m not entirely sure this is real myself.


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