Sunday Link-Off: Behind The Mic

Let’s kick off today’s SLO with Stacy Keibler pictured at the Maxim Hot 100 party. Inexplicably, she was only #82 on the list.

As we all know, Gus Johnson is the new voice of Madden football. EA Sports put a couple of gaming writers through their paces to see if they could hang with Gus while calling a game. The results were predictably hilarious. (Kotaku)

If you’re looking for sports commentary on the opposite end of Gus, a soccer broadcaster for Sky Sports invented his own version of the English language to answer a simple question. (Today’s Big Thing)

When you’re a young upstart in sports, leaving tickets for a crush is kinda cute. One Red Sox minor leaguer’s crush on Erin Andrews has gone from kinda cute to very pathetic. (Last Angry Fan)

After the jump, a Top Gear spoiler, London Olympic mascot fun, and a trick shot from an airplane.

Things are looking up for the NHL. Ratings are up for the first two rounds of the playoffs. Bettman is probably hoping that ESPN is keeping their eyes on this. (Puck the Media)

Remember when umpire Joe West complained that the Yankees and Red Sox took too long to play? Some friends tried a rather unique experiment to see if they really did play for too long. (Bloguin)

A note to famous people: Always keep your big mouth shut. Lord Triesman could have sunk England’s hopes of landing a World Cup hosting gig because he didn’t. (The Big Lead)

Speaking of soccer, Pizza Huts in Ireland will give away free pizza for every goal scored against France. No word what they will give away if Thierry Henry actually scores with his feet. (Irish Central)

Todd Davis really believes that Life Lock works to protect his identity. It’s too bad for Todd’s wallet that he’s drunk too much of the corporate Kool-Aid. (Wired)

The Top Gear boys did their own car building project for the new season. Spoiler in the link as well as an embarrassing video of people stumbling upon the trio. (Top Gear)

A look at the “rules” behind the best shows of the TV season. If you want to make it in TV, start here. (New York Magazine)

A video game developer has pissed off Microsoft by making a downloadable XBox 360 game set in vaginas and rectums. Apparently it’s about safe sex. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

In today’s first photo gallery is a golf course that the PGA should hold a big event at. Sure, it’s only a nine-hole course but it’s in the Himalayas. (Twisted Sifter)

Our second photo gallery has some fun with the London Olympic mascots. It’s over 100 photoshopped pictures featuring the mascots. (Deadspin) And they picked a best of the bunch too. (Deadspin)

What happens when the gang from Dude Perfect attempt an airborne trick shot from a crop duster? Awesomeness.

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