Sunday Link-Off: The Final

Since today is the World Cup final, I thought that this would be a good time to bust out a bit of a duel to start this linkdump. On the left is German model Alena Blohm. On the right is Florencia Fabiano. No, it’s not a Man Lab Showdown. It’s just a little end of the World Cup treat.

Anyway, lots of links to get to today. Along with the obligatory World Cup links, we start with links about Canada.

Stephen Harper’s government has spent this term running into opposition at every turn. At most turns, he’s lost the battle. (Toronto Star)

Gang culture isn’t something one would associate with Canada and certainly not Winnipeg. However, gangs have led to Winnipeg being Canada’s murder capital. (Vice)

Is Mayor Rob Ford associating with accused drug dealer Sandro Lisi again? (The Globe and Mail)

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Lowdown Radio Classic: December 23, 2008

It’s Christmas Day but that doesn’t mean that today’s vintage episode of The Lowdown is an old Christmas special. In fact, it’s our year-old Festivus special. On this episode of the show, the guys celebrate Festivus in the traditional way. It starts with the Festivus feast prepared by Jackie. They follow this up with their airing of grievances. There’s even a recap of Steve and Jackie’s Christmas carolling adventure. Along the way, the guys drop in some really weird music including the Festivus Song and Bob & Doug McKenzie’s 12 Days of Christmas. The show ends with the feats of strength in which Jackie attempts to pin Steve to end Festivus.

Click here to download the 10 MB podcast version.
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The Humanoids: Fade To Black

It’s a slightly abbreviated version of The Humanoids today. I blame it largely on catching swine flu or something like that. Yeah, getting swine flu and blogging sounds reasonably tough for the internet. Let’s go with that. So as my time on earth apparently fades to black, so do many of our subjects today. Some have seen their careers come to an apparent end. Others are still going for the time being but you would have to imagine they’re in bad shape or are going to close up shop soon.

Speaking of things closing up shop soon, the radio show will be taping tonight. Why would the radio show be closing up shop soon? Well, there might be a change in plans/location for a host which could throw a wrench in the usual operations. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. We always manage to solve things at the last second. Anyway, on with the show. Continue reading

Saturday Link-Off: Things We Like

vanessa-hudgens-allure-2Jackie’s off today so I have to fill in. To keep things seeming like the usual on Saturdays, here’s Vanessa Hudgens. Definitely not the most revealing photos of her out there.

EA Sports’ latest iteration of the NHL series came out on Tuesday (with Patrick “20 Cent” Kane on the cover). We haven’t been sent a copy of the game to review so we’ll have to trust this in-depth review for details. (Down Goes Brown)

I’m not on Facebook and I don’t understand it. I do understand the hilarious awkwardness of these folks clicking the like button. (College Humor)

The gang from the legendary blog Fire Joe Morgan took over Deadspin for the day. It was a good day for readers unless you were a scrappy baseball player. (Deadspin)

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