Saturday Link-Off: Things We Like

vanessa-hudgens-allure-2Jackie’s off today so I have to fill in. To keep things seeming like the usual on Saturdays, here’s Vanessa Hudgens. Definitely not the most revealing photos of her out there.

EA Sports’ latest iteration of the NHL series came out on Tuesday (with Patrick “20 Cent” Kane on the cover). We haven’t been sent a copy of the game to review so we’ll have to trust this in-depth review for details. (Down Goes Brown)

I’m not on Facebook and I don’t understand it. I do understand the hilarious awkwardness of these folks clicking the like button. (College Humor)

The gang from the legendary blog Fire Joe Morgan took over Deadspin for the day. It was a good day for readers unless you were a scrappy baseball player. (Deadspin)

After the jump, IndyCar news & notes, are actors or athletes more overpaid, and what if the CW ruined another show.

The Kanye West incident just keeps on giving great spoofs across the internet. Naturally, that meant that someone had to compile all the Kanye pics in one easy-to-use/find place. (I’mma Let You Finish)

Stupid 911 calls are always fun whether they’re about something folks see on TV or McDonald’s running out of McNuggets. This time someone called to say that a bar wouldn’t serve him. Naturally, the man was very drunk. (St. Pete Times)

Controversial author Dan Brown has a new book out. It’s supposed to be a rather uninspiring effort. Not surprising when you consider that Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code were the same book. Anyway, here’s a look at the 20 worst sentences that Brown has written. (Daily Telegraph)

Everyone complains that athletes are overpaid but Hollywood stars and starlets aren’t exactly below the poverty line either. So which group is more overpaid? (The Angry T)

As you watch today’s slate of college football action, remember that bowl games are getting out of hand. They’re planning on holding a bowl game at the new Yankee Stadium. (New York Times)

Some people are just way too into their fantasy football leagues. (That’s Church)

The IndyCar Series ran its second-last race of the season on Friday night… Well, actually it was Saturday afternoon in Japan but it aired on Friday night in North America. Sadly, no one was watching. (Speed TV)

Speaking of fast cars, their biggest supporter, Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, had some unusual and unwelcome visitors to his house earlier this week. They even dumped the equivalent to a Peugeot 807 on his driveway. (BBC)

Journey lead singer Steve Perry isn’t happy that the LA Dodgers are using Don’t Stop Believin’ as a rally song. Perry isn’t happy with that and it’s not because he isn’t getting much of a royalty. (SF Gate)

Today’ photo gallery brings us some of the more unusual sights of the Frankfurt Auto Show. (Daily Telegraph)

The CW has this nasty habit of remaking old TV shows and making them suck. So it only stands to reason that they would do that to Seinfeld.

Chad Ochocinco (né Johnson) can be a little melodramatic. That’s especially true when it comes to his Twitter.

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