Local Columnist Wants To Ruin Jordan Verdone

Followers and fans of Canadian university sports are still trying to wrap their heads around the implications of nine Waterloo Warriors football players testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. While the fans are worried about the future of the sport, some local writers are using this as an opportunity to make a name for themselves. Take Bill Montague, for example. Bill is the sports editor for the Sault Star, the hometown daily newspaper of Waterloo star Jordan Verdone. Montague has been trying and failing to get a hold of Verdone for an interview for the last week. Now the pair have spoken and Bill still isn’t happy with the answers (or the wait). So let’s take a look at Montague’s column on Verdone’s involvement in the CIS’s biggest steroid scandal in its history in FJM style. Continue reading


What Were They Thinking: KISS Haters

What Were They Thinking is a semi-regular segment on The Lowdown radio show.  We take a look at something completely ridiculous and ask “what were they thinking”.  On our first online edition of WWTT, we go to my hometown of Sault Ste. Marie where a city councillor has deemed that KISS is too “sick and revolting” to play in the Soo. Continue reading