What Were They Thinking: KISS Haters

What Were They Thinking is a semi-regular segment on The Lowdown radio show.  We take a look at something completely ridiculous and ask “what were they thinking”.  On our first online edition of WWTT, we go to my hometown of Sault Ste. Marie where a city councillor has deemed that KISS is too “sick and revolting” to play in the Soo.

A Sault Ste. Marie city councillor thought it would be fun for the city council to pass a motion giving support to an online campaign to get KISS to come to the Soo.  What harm would it be to try and bring a big band to town with minimal time and money invested?

Well, it turns out that concerned citizens got in touch with councillor Myers and sent her a video of Gene Simmons spitting blood at a concert.  Oh heavens!  What ever shall we do about spitting fake blood?  This might have been controversial back in the 70’s or 80’s but today it’s par for the course.  So Susan Myers: What Were You Thinking?

Interestingly, the Soo had Motley Crue a couple of years ago.  Nobody complained about that.  In retrospect, that seems sort of odd considering some of Tommy Lee’s past antics.  This begs a question.  What’s worse: Spitting fake blood on stage or releasing a sex tape?  And this gives me an idea that is decidedly evil.  Why don’t our readers email councillor Myers a link to the Tommy Lee / Pamela Anderson sex tape and see what she thinks of it?  If she thought KISS and Gene Simmons was “sick and revolting”, what would Tommy Lee’s sex tape be?


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