The Lowdown Radio: October 27, 2009

Tonight’s episode of The Lowdown radio show is as close as we’ll get to a two-year anniversary of the show. Like that first episode, this was a Halloween show. It starts with Steve reviewing The Beatles: Rock Band. How does that fit into Halloween? Well, Steve’s singing sure is scary. In the news, the guys talk about how to prepare for a zombie invasion on October 31st. They also talk about the UWO police brutality video that was making the rounds on the internet and what it means for UWO. Entertainment has another Brit pop single from Jackie, Stephen Harper coming from YouTube and a Worst of Music that is close to home. This week’s sports is the return of Oddsmakers to The Lowdown. It’s an instant classic episode that is among the best of the show’s history.

Click here to download the 10 MB podcast version.
Click here to download the 26 MB high-quality version.

On Lowdown Extra, there’s more Beatles talk, including a longer intro. There are a couple spooky news stories that didn’t make the cut for the radio. There is also more talk about zombies and the UWO police brutality incident. You also get bonus Harper on It Came From YouTube. And there is an extra question in Oddsmakers. In total, there is almost 28 minutes more action in this week’s Lowdown Extra. That’s a whole radio show that was cut from the radio show that you can get exclusively here. As usual, all the action comes uncut and uncensored.

Click here to download Lowdown Extra.


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