EA Finalizes Settlement in NCAA Video Game Lawsuit

ea-sports-bannerElectronic Arts and the Collegiate Licencing Company have settled a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit over the use of the likenesses of NCAA Division I (and FBS) football and basketball players in EA Sports video games without compensation.

After agreeing to a settlement in principle back in September 2013, the three parties agreed to a settlement worth $40 million for the estimated up to 200,000 players who appeared in the EA Sports NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball / March Madness games since 2003.

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The Economics of March Madness (Infographic)

The Final Four of March Madness goes down on Saturday and the final is Monday night. The final will be the 67th game played in the NCAA Men’s Basketball championship tournament over the last three weeks from the first game of the First Four to the final game of the Final Four. Over that time, over $175 million worth of worker productivity was lost.

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Join The Lowdown Blog March Madness Bracket Challenge

In addition to all the other March Madness and bracketology happening here this month, we’re launching our own March Madness Bracket Challenge. If you have an ESPN.com account, signing up is as simple filling out a bracket. Click here to get to our March Madness challenge page.

Remember, this challenge is all about pride and bragging rights.

The Perfect March Madness Bracket [Infographic]

March Madness kicks off tomorrow with the First Four play-in games. Whether you watch NCAA basketball or not, almost everyone fills out a bracket at this time of year for a pool with friends or coworkers. But when you lose to the girl who knows nothing, it shouldn’t come as a shock. The odds of filling out a perfect bracket is more than one in a number so large that you probably think it’s made up.

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The Economics of College Bowl Games (Infographic)

Tonight is the BCS National Championship Game between the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. It will be the first time under the BCS system that two teams that have faced each other in the regular season have done battle in the national championship game.

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Wednesday Link-Off: On Vacation

Some minor travel issues prevented me from getting the Sunday links online this week. Travel will also probably limit the number of posts I’ll be making on here for the next couple of weeks. Anyway, enough of that. Here’s Lake Bell who I’m pretty sure is a two-face.

In the 21st century, it’s only appropriate that the Jerry Sandusky case was blown wide open by an internet forum posting. (New York Times)

You’d never imagine who’s one of LSU’s biggest football stars this season. The #1 team in the country has made a star of its punter. (Wall Street Journal)

The Blue Jays are Blue again. They’ve gone back to the future with their new logo and uniform and that can only be a good thing. (Sports Logos)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Dance

Even fully clothed, Candice Swanepoel is mindbogglingly gorgeous.

Deadspin’s Dead Wrestler of the Week feature returned this week. This week, they profiled Ravishing Rick Rude. (Deadspin)

It’s not quite how it things were for me covering OUA football, but here’s a look at the job sideline reporters do. (Fanhouse)

Tiger Woods’ column in Golf Digest is no more. Jim Windolf laments the loss of Tiger’s epic columns and other contributions to print media. (Vanity Fair)

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US Congress Gets Bored, Tries To Force College Football Playoff

In a sign that the Obama health care bill was the only productive thing that Congress has to do in 2009, a House of Representatives subcommittee has approved a piece of legislation designed to force NCAA Division 1 FBS (formerly 1-A) football to determine a national champion through a playoff instead of the current BCS format. Is this really the most important crisis facing the United States of America? Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: A Man’s Linkdump

It’s been a while so here’s Katy Perry. Who doesn’t love her?

Now that they’ve sorted health care, the US Congress is now working on the critical task of instituting a college football playoff. (Wall Street Journal)

Looking for decorating ideas for you man cave? Here are the 25 must include accessories for your lair. (Bro Bible) I could use some of those ideas if I ever open a pub.

What guy doesn’t love big hits? Between that and fighting, hockey is the greatest sport on ice. Need proof? Look no further. (Lion’s Den U)

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Video Game Review: NCAA Football 10

ncaa-football-10-ps3-coverNCAA Football 10 is the 13th iteration of the critically acclaimed college football video game. This year’s edition is the third on the PS3 which I’m reviewing it on. The challenge with sports games like this is that, since it comes out every year, a lot of work has to go into it to keep it fresh. It’s easy to just sit back and only update the rosters and playbooks every season. Instead, EA Sports has gone big with this edition with two big new features and a major overhaul of another game mode. So do the changes make NCAA 10 the first must play college football game on PS3 or is it just another step in the right direction? Find out after the jump. Continue reading