Wednesday Link-Off: On Vacation

Some minor travel issues prevented me from getting the Sunday links online this week. Travel will also probably limit the number of posts I’ll be making on here for the next couple of weeks. Anyway, enough of that. Here’s Lake Bell who I’m pretty sure is a two-face.

In the 21st century, it’s only appropriate that the Jerry Sandusky case was blown wide open by an internet forum posting. (New York Times)

You’d never imagine who’s one of LSU’s biggest football stars this season. The #1 team in the country has made a star of its punter. (Wall Street Journal)

The Blue Jays are Blue again. They’ve gone back to the future with their new logo and uniform and that can only be a good thing. (Sports Logos)

After the jump, the far-reaching effects of the NBA lockout, more on NBC’s Thursday night and Erin Andrews gets a Gatorade shower.

The NBA lockout isn’t just hurting fans and team employees. Hookers are seeing a massive hit to revenue without players using their services. (Larry Brown Sports)

Fox’s MLB rumour mongerer Ken Rosenthal doesn’t like Deadspin. Maybe he should commiserate with his ESPN colleagues. (Deadspin)

Pierre McGuire really should think before he opens his mouth. He had some… interesting things to say about Sidney Crosby for his return. (Puck Daddy)

Continuing our part in the massive effort to keep Community alive, here’s a list of seven shows that stayed on the air despite poor ratings. (Screen Junkies)

Bad news for Community might be TV’s nostalgia kick. NBC has ordered a pilot for a Munsters remake. Given NBC’s recent track record, they’d get better ratings but running classic Munsters episodes. (TV Guide)

Speaking of NBC Thursday night shows, here’s an interview with Ron Swanson himself, Nick Offerman. (The Hollywood Reporter)

We usually do dating advice on Thursdays but I figured that everyone would appreciate the  10 rules for dating that we can learn from Star Wars. (Death Star PR)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. To help you out with recipes, a bunch of food websites did a virtual thanksgiving which involved posting recipes of stuff they would bring to a massive online potluck. (Bon Appetit)

Today in the it’s funny because it’s true files, here’s a gallery of how foreigners think of America. (Cracked)

When Gatorade showers go wrong… Or very right. Fans tried to shower Baylor’s starting QB after he led an upset of Oklahoma but got Erin Andrews instead.

Dr. Jerry Punch tries to interview Kurt Busch when he’s pissed off. It doesn’t go well.

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