Saturday Link-Off: Pre-E3

Never fear. Jackie will be here. Just not today. He’ll have the Entertainment Link-Off tomorrow. Next will be a big one on the blog because it’s both E3 and Canadian Grand Prix weeks. How will we be disappointed with the E3 announcements this time? But don’t worry, Lindsay Ellingson never disappoints.

Ten years after Ken Caminiti admitted to using steroids, which started the PED witch hunt in baseball, Tom Verducci looks at some players’ choices whether to juice or not. (Sports Illustrated)

We’ve all heard of the McLaren F1. It’s the classic 90s hyper car which does over 240 MPH. Well, its designer, Gordon Murray, is back with a micro car which is smaller than a Smart car, gets 96 miles per gallon and does over 100 MPH. It’s probably the future of affordable driving. (Bloomberg)

Windows 8 is nearing release. The Release Preview edition shows that Microsoft has a complete game changer on their hands this time. (Engadget)

After the jump, mutiny at Indy, Doctor Who compared with Community and soccer goal celebrations go Michael Bay.

Did you know that the man behind the Fake Charlie Whiting Twitter account (@charlie_whiting) is Canadian? Did you know that the real Charlie Whiting is inviting Fake Charlie Whiting to the Canadian Grand Prix and giving him a paddock pass for the weekend? (Globe & Mail)

IndyCar’s ratings are going up, the Indy 500 was one of the all-time best and still the car owners aren’t happy. They’re currently attempting a mutiny to get rid of CEO Randy Bernard. I believe that’s called biting the hand that feeds you. (Speed)

Here’s a detailed look at the ongoing scandal(s) inside the Vatican and some of the Vatican’s scandals. (CBC News)

For all the talk about President Obama supporting gay rights, you might forget that gay rights have been mentioned in pop culture for decades. The first prominent use of a gay character on TV was on All In the Family. (Split Sider)

Given this season’s homage in the form of Inspector Spacetime, the New Yorker compares Community and Doctor Who. (The New Yorker)

Anthony Bourdain is leaving the Travel Channel for CNN. On the plus side, he’s basically doing No Reservations on CNN with the same crew. On the down side, he’s going to CNN. (Gawker)

Here’s an interesting rumour ahead of E3. At one point in time, the PS4 was designed to be a download-only console with no optical disc drive. That might work eventually but I don’t think the right time is now. (Wall Street Journal)

Folks in LA are already scoping out the preparations for E3. Here’s a collection of the prep photos ahead of Monday’s press conferences. (NeoGAF Forums)

Are you attending E3? You might want to check out this guide to being ready for the big show. (Forbes)

If fictional 90s sports heroes had their own Facebook pages, they’d look something like this. (The Roosevelts)

Stephen Colbert supports Mitt Romney’s campaign to become President of Amercia. (Gawker)

Seeing as we already have scads of video games links in this post, why not show a video of a Super Mario Brothers stop-motion recreation?

This is what happens when soccer goal celebrations go Michael Bay.

This guy from Ukraine’s Got Talent has been called the world’s best bartender. I’m not sure if he’s a good bartender or a guy that juggles with liquor bottles.

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