Wednesday Link-Off: Who Do You Trust?

A little bit of science and a little bit of actual observation allows you to reach a valuable conclusion: Is there anybody in the world that we can really trust? Sure, there are a few people that we can rely on but the people we really need like government and elected officials? Sometimes I’m not so sure. Some of today’s links don’t fill me with much optimism.

And on that semi-depressing note, it’s Wednesday so let’s do the links. Here’s Jessica Chastain.

Canadian workers are facing the toughest economic circumstances and least worker-sympathetic government since the 1930s. (Counterpunch)

Not happy with that characterization of the government? How about calling them an anti-democracy government? They aren’t answering the Opposition’s questions in the House of Commons and the Conservative speaker doesn’t care. (MacLean’s)

We might disagree about the cause of global warming but the facts are that the world is getting warming. For example, this past August was the hottest on record. (American Geophysical Union)

Speaking of which, global greenhouse gas emissions reached a new high in 2013. Maybe that’s just correlation when put against the increasing temperature but it’s a convincing correlation. (New York Times)

Can you trust Donald Trump as President when he doesn’t know how the legislative assemblies of America work? (Washington Post)

While the NFL is currently dealing with its domestic abuse crisis, another one is going ignored. Law enforcement has a higher rate of domestic abuse than the NFL. (The Atlantic)

Did you want a look inside the personal life of Derek Jeter? No gift baskets are involved but it’s still a neat read for Yankees fans. (New York)

How lightly does ESPN take the challenges from Fox Sports 1 and NBC Sports Network? They say that those networks are competing with ESPN 2 and losing. (Sports Business Journal)

Euro 2020 will take place all over Europe to celebrate the tournament’s 60th anniversary. Here’s a look at the host cities and stadia. (Daily Telegraph)

There was a D2 reunion this weekend. Here are the photos. Yes, there’s a Flying V. (Sporting News)

Not everyone wants to be highly-rated on Yelp. One restaurant is fighting back against their pay to make bad reviews disappear practices by courting bad reviews through discounts for one-star reviews. Some of the reviews are amazing. (Ad Week)

South Park is back tonight. Naturally, their teaser clip mocks the NFL.

This week on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver reveals the lie that is the Miss America pageant.

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