Wednesday Link-Off: Rage Against the Machine

jessica-chastain-mtvmovieawards16-01It’s been a while since we’ve had a good theme running through a linkdump but today’s WLO features a bunch of links about people fighting back against the establishment. A lot of older people see that as millennials being entitled but isn’t it just everyone acting differently than previous generations because they have access to information that no other generation had to make their decisions?

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that we have to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Jessica Chastain.

Access to information is changing how people think and act in the social media age. For example, access to info and social media is what is causing people to turn against Hilary and her repeated controversies. (Baltimore Sun)

All hell broke lose at the Nevada Democratic Convention as tensions rise between Bernie supporters and the DNC establishment. (The Hill)

A US Senate report on torture was “mistakenly” nearly destroyed. What a shame that would have been for the CIA and its watchdog group in the Senate. (Yahoo News)

An active NFL player wants the league to end its ban on marijuana use so that players can use medicinal marijuana to deal with chronic pain rather than prescription pain killers. (New York Times)

Funding cuts to the TSA has caused troubles with security lines in airports. I know that the government needs to tighten its belt sometimes but generally security isn’t the best place for that. (Patch)

Did you know that the Canadian Government has an auction site to sell seized assets? (National Post)

The Ontario Government is looking into a plan to make parents refusing immunization to take a course about immunization (National Post)

Not surprisingly, experts say that the Rio Olympics will be a health disaster. (The Independent)

A unique look inside the writers room of WWE from a former writer. (Complex)

The Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive or PlayStation VR. What’ve you got? (Tom’s Hardware)

Four members of the Trollstation YouTube channel are going to jail because of their “prank” videos. TROLLLLOLOLOLOLOL! (BBC News)

What happens when you cross the theme song of NXT’s newest wrestler with baseball? This.


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