“My” Favourite Movies of 2012 Part 2 #30-16

Today is movies 30-16 which with movies numbered 32 & 31 are movies I would consider meets expectations. We’ll start with a trio of animated films that were enjoyable, fun but ultimately unmemorable films.

Ice Age30. Ice Age: Continental Drift

Weird thing happens when you see a lot of animated films; you kind of feel like you need to see them all. I remember seeing the first Ice Age with my younger siblings years ago and not minding it too much and then my wife and I saw this trailer earlier in the year and found the need to go see this movie despite the fact that we hadn’t seen either of the other movies in the interim. So now I have all three of the other Ice Age movies in Blue Ray of all things. If you liked the rest of the series then you will like this movie. It’s pretty simple. I would say that the voice actors of the series are starting to mail it in (and they are) but for most of these actors voice work is mailing it in so the quality isn’t exactly lacking. I enjoyed the film for the most part even if I don’t remember most of what happens. There were pirates and that was kind of cool.

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“My” Favourite Movies of 2012 Part 1 #45-31

I realized I needed to write this post when I was going to see Wreck-It Ralph for a second time with my younger brother and sister who were quizzing me on the movies I had seen and I started listing off close to 30 films. All told I saw 45 movies in theaters that were released in 2012. Having recently seen Jack Reacher and This is 40 in 2013 I think I can finally close off my list. And frankly, if January (2012) hadn’t been such a miserable time for movies (for me in any case) its entirely possible I would have seen over fifty movies this year in theaters. Frankly, I might be close because I saw couple twice in theaters.

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NFL Saturday Wildcard Picks

TEXANS (-4) Over Bengals

Since TJ Yates became the quarterback of the Houston Texans their points per game has dropped by 5 points. That doesn’t bode well for the Texans who will face the Bengals 9th ranked defence. The Texans are in the playoffs for the first time ever. Their path to the playoffs has been remarkable to say the least. Not having to compete against Peyton Manning probably helped but the Texans stayed resilient despite significant injuries on both sides of the ball. Houston’s defence is better than Cincinnati’s. They allowed the second fewest yards of any team and the fourth fewest points. Outside of one bad game against the Saints they have played outstanding D. The defence wont lose them this game. The offence also has a lot of special players on it. Arian Foster had an amazing season after being out the beginning of the season and the Texans rush game had the second most yards in the league. The problem the Texans have is at QB. Yates isn’t special and hasn’t been that good. The ball in his hands isn’t good for them and I expect them that they’ll be using Foster quite a bit.

The Bengals are a tough team to figure out. They never had a good win all season. Heck outside of Tennessee they barely had a good win. That being said they played some pretty tight games with some really good teams. They do have talent. Andy Dalton had a stellar rookie year and along with AJ Green should make a nice core for the Bengals for years to come. The Bengals defence is good and they might be able handle Foster. To win this game the Bengals will need Dalton to be playing better than he has recently.

I think that the Texans will be able to overcome TJ Yates and their defence will shut down the Bengals rookie attack giving the Texans their first playoff victory in franchise history. Texans 24 Bengals 17

Lions (+10.5) Over SAINTS

I’m not going to lie I think that the Saints will have no problem winning this game but the Lions offence has the power to keep up with the Saints.

The Saints are coming off an improved season after being eliminated last season by the Seahawks, another team that they were favoured by 10 points to defeat. Their offence was prolific as Brees broke a 30 year old record and Darren Sproles looked to be the best off season pick up. Their defence has played well enough to keep up but they gave up over 4,100 yards passing this season, third worst in the league. Not the best thing when Stafford just put up over 5,000 yards.

The Lions got crushed by the Saints the last time that they played because they played so undisciplined. I think there is a possibility the pressure will get to the Lions and they’ll be even more undisciplined but I think that they will be better and not rack up over 100 yards of penalties this game. The Lions defence was a little over rated coming into this season but they still have play makers on that team.

This could be the best game of the weekend and will probably be the highest scoring game. NBC made a good choice by picking it up over Tebow’s game. Saints 44 Lions 37

NFL Week 4 Power Rankings

I had some technical difficulty last week in posting the Week 3 Power Rankings and picks but if you are super curious about the rankings I did reflect it in last week’s rankings.

I had some fun this week taking a look at some surprising and unsurprising stats about each team. This was much preferable than me talking about how regardless of how a team has performed I didn’t really like them. Anyway have fun with the rankings!

    Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers (Last Week #1, 4-0)
Unsurprising stat of the day: the Packers lead the NFL with 37 points scored per game.
Surprising stat of the day: Aaron Rodgers has more rushing TDs than James Starks and Ryan Grant combined.
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NFL Week 3 Picks

Week 2 was a much better week picking games as I didn’t lose any of my top 5 picks. It would have been nice if reality TV star person Jesse Holley had ran a little harder and dove into the end zone but the Cowboys actually winning that game was a nice and refreshing ending given how that game went. The Cowboys really should have lost the game.

The same thing that happened to the Cowboys pretty much happened to the Bills who managed to pull out a victory at the last minute over the Oakland Raiders. Sadly they didn’t cover the spread and it was just a push but given that that game was 21-3 at half for Oakland, I’ll take the result.

The Steelers, Bucs, and Bengals all cover the spread in games that mostly went the way I expected. The Steelers crushed the Seahawks while the scrappy Bucs managed to pull off the comeback win against a sad little Vikings team. I did expect for Cincinnati to win outright (and they probably should have) but covering the spread is pretty sweet. So far, two weeks into the season I am 4-4-2 for the games I feel best about and a dismal 11-17-4 for all games. On to more crappy picks!
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NFL Week 2 Power Rankings

Tom Brady broke Cam Newton’s record for most yards passing in the first two games of a season. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

The second weekend of NFL games brought what should have been a relatively easy gambling schedule but sadly, some teams *cough* Baltimore *cough* decided not to put forth their best effort. They will be appropriately docked in the Power Rankings.

Best game of the weekend was a toss up between Raiders @ Bills and Eagles @ Falcons. Personally, I really enjoyed the Bills comeback victory even though there was little to no defence in that game at all, particularly in the second half. The Bills scored a touchdown on every drive they had in the second half while giving back several to the Raiders. It was back and forth and the home team prevail. And that is exactly what happened in the Falcons game as well. I think the Eagles were the more impressive team but they really missed Vick in the fourth quarter. The Vick injury was among the flukiest injuries I have ever seen. He got hit lightly and while collapsing smoked his head into one of his offensive linemen. Bad break and hopefully he recovers quickly enough but this is eerily similar to how Kolb lost his job (kidding Kafka wasn’t bad but he’s no Vick either).

There were several impressive victories this weekend and with pardons to the Lions and Jets, the most impressive win of the weekend was New Orleans against Chicago. Most people would have predicted this win but the Saints really took apart the Bears and reaffirm my belief that they are among the elite in the league. Like I said earlier, the NFC South should be an exciting battle.

On to the Power Rankings!
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2011 NFL Week 2 Picks

I am not going to lie; I got absolutely crushed in Week 1. I wasn’t able to get anything going. I had a terrible feel for a lot of teams and a lot of teams really surprised me. Chicago was far, far more impressive than I ever thought they would be. The strong defensive performance wasn’t that surprising but Cutler performance was surprising. Chicago truly looked like a dominant team. It’s possible that I have significantly underrated them.

Additionally, Atlanta was an absolute disappointment. The Falcons looked brutal on all three aspects of the game. They were behind on special teams, defence and offence. The effort was so poor I am concerned about their ability to compete for the rest of the season. I still think they are making the playoffs but I feel a lot less secure about them this week than I did in the preseason.
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NFLWeek 1 Power Rankings

Are these Week 2 Power Rankings or Week 1 Power Rankings? I am going to say that they are Week 1 rankings because that is the week that has passed. Perhaps the proper way to say it would be Post Week 1 but that sounds stupid so we’ll stick with Week 1 Power Rankings and build from there.

The first weekend of NFL games brought a couple of good games, several unpredictable games and a handful of bad games. I think I will write that sentence again and again this season because every weekend you can say that. I really enjoyed watching the Saints @ Packers. It was worth it if you stuck it till the end to see an enormous goal line stop. The Packers defence were more ferocious on that play then the sharks In Shark Night 3D! I felt really bad for Ingram.

Best game of the weekend was hands down the Cowboys @ Jets game. That was fun even if it ruined me for work the next day. Dez Bryant looked good in the game and I thought the Cowboys had the game in hand but the Jets relied on their defence as they have all through the Mark Sanchez era. Creating two turnovers in the fourth quarter keeping the game close finally Nick Folk kicked a beauty to win it for New York.

Most impressive victory this weekend was Washington over the New York Giants. That took me by surprised. I knew Eli Manning wasn’t great but he was outplayed by Rex Grossman! I don’t expect Washington to keep this up but its looks like they are not as bad I thought they would be.

Anyway, I shall now overreact to Week 1 wins and losses and proceed to the Lowdown Power Rankings.
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2011 NFL Week 1 Picks

The 2011 NFL Season opened yesterday and continues this weekend which is awesome for football fans and sad for baseball who will watch its attendance numbers dwindle as there are no exciting pennant races remaining and football is awesome! This season instead of trying to write something educated and brilliant for every game, I am going to limit it to the five games I feel most confident about (similar to the Hilton Super contest without putting thousands of dollars on the line) and then my picks for the rest of the games without any analysis. If that doesn’t make you happy then pretend that my analysis says; this quarterback is better than that quarterback!

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NFL Preseason Power Rankings

1. New England Patriots
Another year of Brady and Belichick. The Patriots look to rebound from a dismal playoff showing against the Jets. They have all the offensive tools to compete but their pass rush remains the biggest question. Despite that, they are my clear favourite to win the Super Bowl this year.

2. Green Bay Packers
Super Bowl Champions. It has a nice ring to it. The Packers don’t have a lot to prove but major injuries that were suffered last year to Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley they should have enough fire to compete hard. If Aaron Rodgers wants to be considered elite with Brady and Manning, he needs another great year and with the weapons available to him, he should get to that level.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers enter this season on much better terms than last season. They have less serious scandals to deal with. The team is mostly the same that went to the Super Bowl last year and has signed the players that they needed to. Ben Roethlisberger should be better connected with his receivers so watch for a lot of pump fakes followed by the bomb to Mike Wallace. Not surprisingly the favourites to win the AFC North. Continue reading