Music Review: Boys Like Girls – Love Drunk

boys like girls love drunk With the first single “Love Drunk” circling the airwaves right now, Boys Like Girls are back with their second album which shares the same name as their lead single. The band hailing from Boston, Massachusetts who is known for their catchy pop/rock tunes will please many fans as their latest album continues to pump out radio friendly tunes.  Does the album generate enough of a buzz to get you to snatch it up from the music store? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Get Your Glee On!

dianna agron 1Alright Lowdown Blog readers, are you ready to get your Glee on? The series just aired the director’s cut of the pilot episode this past Wednesday (along with that tweetpeat thing) on FOX. If you’re not singing along to Don’t Stop Believing right now, you should be. Anyway the season premiere of the show will be airing this Wednesday at 9 pm on FOX (and Global in Canada).

Headlining this link-off post is Dianna Agron because she’s part of the awesome cast on this fantastic show!

After the jump, a bit more on Glee, NBC’s journey to epic failure (almost), K-Fed is a tub of lard, Disney buying Marvel might not be a bad thing after all and singing on X-Factor is a very ‘hard’ thing to do. Continue reading