Wednesday Link-Off: The Home Stretch

All three US Presidential debates are done and now we wait for people to vote. With any luck, they won’t all vote for tax cuts for the 1% and tax hikes for the middle class (i.e. voting Romney). Anyway, let’s kick off with Canadian actress Emily VanCamp.

The third Presidential election debate was on Monday. The pundits are in agreement that President Obama took home a solid win. (Daily Kos)

Now that the debates are behind us, what did we learn from them? (Washington Post)

Some reporters make their names during elections. Here’s a look at some of the young journalists who have come to prominence during this election cycle. (iPolitics)

After the jump, debate fact checking, Chevy Chase blows up again on the set of Community and the James Bond mega mix.

Fact check time! In 41 minutes of talking time, Romney lied 24 times. And, yes, one lie was the non-existent apology tour. (Think Progress)

President Obama did some fact-checking on the go as he pointed out every time Romney changed position during the debate. (Talking Points Memo)

Moderate Mitt Romney showed up for last night’s debate. Most of his campaigning has been as a Tea Party candidate. So what would happen if Romney’s policies are closer to the neoconservative Tea Party policies. (The American Prospect)

The spin coming out of the two campaigns to get people out to vote are very different. Romney’s people want the base to think they have a good shot at the win. Obama’s people want the base to get out to vote to prevent a Romney win. (WP Wonkblog)

Ann Coulter called President Obama a “retard” during the debate. Nobody reacted well to that. Even conservative blogger Michelle Malkin took offence to that remark. (Mediaite)

Not all right-wing media can have moments of sense. Fox News has been trying to rally the base with false stories from the bubble. (The Daily Beast)

Ann Coulter and Fox News segue into this next link perfectly. It’s how to deal with online trolls. (Lifehacker)

Chevy Chase had another outburst on the set of Community after becoming upset with the script and the direction of his character. This one was pretty bad. (Deadline)

Want to do a pop culture Halloween costume? Here’s some do it yourself tips. (Flavorwire)

Apple announced the iPad Slightly Smaller Than Normal Mini yesterday. Here are some quick impressions. (Engadget)

Before Skyfall, I’ll be updating our list of the best Bond themes. For now, here’s a Bond megamix.

Here’s an entirely plausible video from a hypothetical 2016 History Channel broadcast about four years of the Romney Presidency. You really need to get out to vote so this doesn’t become reality.

San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain shows off his arm for the Mythbusters and some kids. Real or fake?

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