Formula E Punta del Este ePrix: Survive, If You Can

formula-e-2014-punta-del-este-buemi-victorySay what you will about all-electric racing technology that’s been rushed to the race track, spec cars, one-day race weekends and cramped little street circuits, Formula E knows how to put on a show. Once again, Formula E showed that you don’t need 700 horsepower to put on a show. All you need is low downforce and drivers willing to fight for position.

In a race that saw the safety car make its way onto the circuit four times for various incidents, it was Sebastian Buemi who survived the crashes and mechanical troubles that plagued the field to win his first Formula E race.

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Soccer Night In South Africa: Battle For Bronze

The sixty-third game of the 2010 World Cup may have technically been for third place in the tournament but having come so close to the title, that wasn’t the real motivator for Germany and Uruguay. This match was solely for pride. One last game and one last chance to end the tournament as a winner. After a month of pouring your heart out, pride will be all that you have left to go with the bumps and bruises. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: Final Four

The first of the two semi-finals at the 2010 World Cup went today. The Netherlands have never won a World Cup but seem to have an easy path to the finals. Uruguay have scraped through to the final four but they do have a winning pedigree at the World Cup. The winners of the first tournament are looking to add their third trophy to the national trophy cabinet having been shutout for the last 60 years. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: One Is Done

The first of two days of quarter-final action at the 2010 World Cup was played today. The last African team was in action as the vuvuzelas blew in the hopes of driving a continent’s last hope to victory. In the day’s earlier game, two powerhouse teams met as the Netherlands faced the favoured Brazilians. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: A Continent’s Last Hope

The knockout round kicked off today at the 2010 World Cup. Two continents could see their last, best hopes for a championship eliminated today. South Korea wasn’t the only Asian side left but were far more likely to be a threat than Japan. Ghana was the last African side in the tournament heading into their clash with the USA. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: A Last Stand

The twelfth day of action at the 2010 World Cup marked the beginning of the end of the group stages. All 8 Group A and Group B teams would be in action with four moving on and four going home at the end of the day. Uruguay and Argentina were favoured to move on leaving two spots realistically open for six teams. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: Upset Special

With Group H seeing action for the first time today, all 32 teams have now taken the pitch at the 2010 World Cup. There were some dominant performances today. Shockingly, one of those performances didn’t translate to a win and we saw the first major upset of the tournament. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: It’s Time For Africa

After years of questioning if they could pull it off, the 2010 World Cup kicked off with a bang in South Africa. Well, “bang” is a relative term. After all, the two Group A matches that opened action in South Africa weren’t stellar displays of football. A pair of draws definitely can’t be considered a highlight when talking about the opening day of the World Cup but that was the only “action” they had. Continue reading