Soccer Night In South Africa: Collision Course

The two final games of the quarter-final round saw two favourites meet up as Germany battled Argentina. In the other match, defending European champions Spain took on Paraguay. The two powerhouse teams that survived today’s action would be on a collision course in what should be an epic semi-final. Continue reading


Soccer Night In South Africa: To The Elite Eight

It’s the final day of the Round of 16 at the 2010 World Cup. Four teams met in two even matches that would be closely fought. They were so closely fought that they were decided by a collective one goal. That’s because we had our first appearance of penalty kicks to decide a game. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: Early Exit

Some favourites suffered early setbacks in the 2010 World Cup but have and will recover. Today, one tournament favourite paid dearly for their mistakes and will be watching the rest of the tournament on TV. Heading into the day, the Netherlands clinched a spot in the round of 16 and Cameroon had already been eliminated leaving Denmark and Japan teams battling for the final spot in Group E. In Group F play, all four teams could end the day moving on or going home. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: Champs or Chumps

The second weekend of the 2010 World Cup ended with one team advancing to the knockout stage and one group not clarifying anything. And in that wide open group is our defending World Cup champions who aren’t living up to their billing as threats to repeat. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: The Big Names Begin

The fourth day of the World Cup saw two of the real contenders open their tournaments. The Netherlands and Italy were both in action for the first time this World Cup against glorified warm-up opponents. The other match of the day saw Japan and Cameroon battle for an early advantage in the race for second place in Group E. Continue reading