Saturday Link-Off: Lights, Camera, Legal Action

alyssah-ali-anthropologie13-04Since we’re a week and a half before Christmas, I think that it’s safe to say that we’re in the home stretch. A quick FYI before we start: Jackie and I recorded a podcast this week. I don’t think it’ll be ready for this week so I think a December 24th release date is probable.

Alright, now it’s time for the links. Here’s Canadian model Alyssah Ali.

Time Magazine named the Pope their Person of the Year. They’re completely wrong. The real person of the year is Edward Snowden. (The New Yorker)

Well, I mentioned earlier this week that people were crying slander over what Rob Ford said in an interview with Conrad Black. Daniel Dale wasn’t impressed with what was said about him. (Toronto Star)

And then proceeded to serve Rob Ford with a libel notice with the full backing of the Toronto Star. Given how much Star personalities are tweeting about this, it almost seems like they’re trying to make this a story rather than let it happen naturally. (Toronto Star)

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Saturday Link-Off: A Tale of Two Leaders

deborah-mace-anthropologie13-01Happy weekend denizens of the interweb! It’s Saturday which means that it’s time for the links. As you might expect given the news this week, we’re talking about two very different types of people in the news this week. Anyhow, let’s start with Deborah Mace.

Nelson Mandela died this week so we’re going to start with a few Mandela links. First, here’s a timeline look at his life. (New York Times)

And here’s a look at Mandela’s life in pictures rather than words. (National Geographic)

While Nelson Mandela is now thought of as a hero for the freedom of South African, for a long time, he was thought of as a terrorist and vilified by the same folks who are now praising him. (The Daily Beast)

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