Sunday Link-Off: Cracked Up

heather-graham-maxim13-01Okay, I missed the Wednesday set of links because I was busy with all my Xbox One launch coverage and the lack of decent links over the first half of the week. We don’t have that problem today, though. We’ve got a cool collection of links for you today. First, since Hangover 3 is out this weekend, let’s start with Heather Graham.

Rob Ford said on Friday that he doesn’t smoke crack. Well, apparently that won’t be in keeping with his family’s history of drug dealing. (The Globe & Mail)

Prior to Friday’s straight denial, Ford’s office’s position was that the video was faked. The problem is that it would be impossible to fake even with an unlimited budget. (Hazlitt)

We’re still a long ways from another US election but it’s never a bad time to look at some interesting facts about Presidential elections. For example, Democrats weren’t impressed with the continuously changing message of Mitt Romney. He scored an all-time low among Dems in exit polling. (Prez16)

If the sequester continues and everybody continues to agree to disagree, what state will America be in when 2023 arrives. (The Nation)

As bad a reputation as America might have, it’s nowhere nearly the least racially tolerant country in the world. (Washington Post)

GIF is supposed to be pronounced with a soft G but some people just won’t listen to reason. (New York Magazine)

Card of Humanity has swept the tabletop gaming scene but it’s only just a hobby to the eight friends who created it. (Chicago Grid)

Le Mans might get all the attention but the biggest race of the year because it has the most practical application to the road car industry. (Jalopnik)

If there’s one thing that everyone can learn from the CBC, it’s how to do a montage. Well, one man is responsible for those epic pieces of TV. (National Post)

Pete Rose might be baseball’s all-time hit king but a new threat has risen to his record. (Wall Street Journal)

Ever wonder why everybody assumes every piece news from the WWE is fake? It’s because every real piece of news is immediately repurposed into a terrible storyline. (The Masked Man)

Speaking of wrestling, some dude at the Billboard Music Award had the most devastating leg drop since Hulk Hogan. (Black Sports Online)

After this week’s rosin theft at a ballgame, Leitch asks why we love streakers so much? (Sports on Earth)

In case you missed it, here’s our Xbox One launch coverage. First, this is what they announced. And here’s why I think that Microsoft’s launch was a failure.

Eat your heart out, Tiger Woods. This is the greatest putt ever.

Somehow, I haven’t seen this trailer for a Gordon Bombay 30 for 30 documentary but this is the greatest thing ever. (And, yes, I know…)


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