Entertainment Link-Off: All Roads Lead To This

gal gadotThis weekend at the theatres is a face-off between two big franchises. On one end is the return of the Wolfpack in The Hangover Part III. On the other is the actioner Fast and Furious 6. Funny enough, despite having six installments in the bag, the Fast and Furious gang still got some fuel in the tank while the Wolfpack is left behind sniffing the fumes. Anyway, kicking off this entry is one of the ladies from the FF flick, Gal Gadot.

After the jump, some Fast and Furious related news items, another look at The World’s End, Arrested Development relied heavily on the green screen, a Fresh Prince reunion and Superman delivers the ultimate ball busting move.

To mark the release of Fast and Furious 6, an interview with director Justin Lin and how he set up the franchise to become what it is today. (Slashfilm)

Vin Diesel reveals where the next Fast and Furious film will take place. Also, watch out for the spoiler alert on page 2. (Screen Rant)

Photo gallery of the cars featured in the Fast and Furious series. (Rotten Tomatoes)

It appears that Damon Lindelof has taken a lot of heat from female viewers regarding an unnecessary underwear scene featuring Alice Eve. I’m sure most guys aren’t complaining but you gotta admit, that scene came out of nowhere. It’s all about context! (IGN)

And for a nice little read, here’s how Damon can probably learn from the screenwriters of the Fast and Furious franchise. Showing scantily clad women without getting slack for it. (Slashfilm)

10 fun facts about The Hangover series that you may or may not know about. (Moviefone)

Contrary to the silly rumours out there, Sony is not about to sell the rights to Spider-Man. (Slashfilm)

The trailer is here. Check out Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut in Don Jon, a hilarious comedy on porn addiction. (Apple)

Check out this neat little featurette on how those robots work in Pacific Rim. (IGN)

First we got a teaser, now we get a better look at The World’s End. It might not feel as fresh as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, but there’s only so much a 2 minute trailer can show ya. (Yahoo)

It has been a while since we last saw Arrested Development on TV. The stars of the show have all become bigger names nowadays and it was certainly difficult to get them together to shoot the series. In fact, the actors weren’t necessarily on the set at the same time and they relied on green screens to make it happen. As long as it doesn’t affect the quality of the show, it is all good. (Complex)

Normally TV shows tend to have better pacing and writing with a set end date in mind; however according to the head honcho of AMC, there is no end in sight for The Walking Dead. (Huffington Post)

Season 1 of CW’s Arrow finished out on a strong note and it looks like they want to replicate that by doubling up on the baddies for season 2. (TV Guide)

The full list of how the network TV series ranked in the 2012-2013 season. (Deadline)

Finally more glimpses of action in Man of Steel! Latest theatrical trailer focuses on General Zod and his reign of terror.

Oh while we’re on the topic of Superman, watch him deliver the ultimate kick to the balls.

After watching this, I really want to see a Fresh Prince reunion. Will Smith brings in DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro for a special performance on the Graham Norton Show.

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