Sunday Link-Off: Normalizing Stupid

heather-graham-amfar16-02Tomorrow is the first of three US Presidential debates. Netflix is going to get a workout from those of us 1) not in America, and 2) wanting to remain sane rather than watching hours of lies and playground insults. Good luck, America. No matter who wins, you lose. The rest of us will lose more if a hairpiece wins.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that you’re here to read some links. Alternatively, you could be here to see us kick this post off with Heather Graham who you can’t tell is 46.

“If you vote for Donald Trump, then screw you.” (GQ)

“I will never stop hating this election for normalizing stupid.” (Esquire)

What do you know about the Presidential campaign issues? If your answer is “next to nothing,” that’s because the media is too busy covering campaign drama to worry about the issues. (The Conversation)

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Sunday Link-Off: Cracked Up

heather-graham-maxim13-01Okay, I missed the Wednesday set of links because I was busy with all my Xbox One launch coverage and the lack of decent links over the first half of the week. We don’t have that problem today, though. We’ve got a cool collection of links for you today. First, since Hangover 3 is out this weekend, let’s start with Heather Graham.

Rob Ford said on Friday that he doesn’t smoke crack. Well, apparently that won’t be in keeping with his family’s history of drug dealing. (The Globe & Mail)

Prior to Friday’s straight denial, Ford’s office’s position was that the video was faked. The problem is that it would be impossible to fake even with an unlimited budget. (Hazlitt)

We’re still a long ways from another US election but it’s never a bad time to look at some interesting facts about Presidential elections. For example, Democrats weren’t impressed with the continuously changing message of Mitt Romney. He scored an all-time low among Dems in exit polling. (Prez16)

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