Entertainment Link-Off: With Great Power…

At the box office this weekend, there’s the found-footage flick about teenagers with superpowers in Chronicle. There’s also a solid ghost movie The Woman in Black starring Harry… I mean Daniel Radcliffe. Finally, there’s the family flick Big Miracle. Nothing particularly special about that one, but at least Kristen Bell is in it!

After the jump, a bit more on Chronicle, a brand new trailer for The Hunger Games, Katy Perry wants to do a 3D concert film and a whole bunch of Youtube videos including a look at the death of Superman, the new Volkswagon Superbowl spot, The Rock playing a ukelele, the definition of “swog” and a new web series from Wong Fu Productions.

With Chronicle hitting theatres this weekend, it’s would be appropriate to take a look back at some unconventional superheroes in film. (Rotten Tomatoes)

Looking forward to the new installment to the American Pie franchise ‘American Reunion’? Well according to some early buzz, things are definitely looking good. (Slashfilm)

New trailer for The Hunger Games have hit the net. It just might be the last one before the film makes it to the silver screens. In the meantime there’s also a contest to enter to snag tickets to the premiere. (Yahoo)

Katy Perry is in talks to get a 3D concert film produced. Admit it, if you end up going to the theatres for this, you’re not going for the music. (The Hollywood Reporter)

LOL of the day: Why the Avengers shouldn’t text. (io9)

For fans of the TV show Breaking Bad… imagine it as an RPG. (College Humor)

How I Met Your Mother is currently up 19% in viewership compared to last season and the ratings are at a series high. So what might be the reason behind the bump in viewers? (Entertainment Weekly)

Jes! Modern Family star Sofia Vergara tops the list of 99 most desirable women of 2012. (Ask Men)

For those that are interested in seeing Chronicle this weekend, here’s another teaser for the sci-fi superpowers flick.

It’s a big weekend for Matt Landis (son of director Jon Landis). Why? Well his first screenplay to hit the theatres (Chronicle) is getting rave reviews among critics and audiences. In addition to that, he just released his short film The Death and Return of Superman. This “educational parody” is a hilarious look at DC Comics’ decision to kill and bring back the Man of Steel.

Here’s the full commercial for Volkswagon Superbowl spot. It runs for 76 seconds, so I’m curious as to how they’re going to cut it down to 30 seconds…

Is your name John Carter? If so, you’d be eligible to for a secret screening of the film and also take part in a contest. Darn, looks like I’ll be missing out on this one.

Something cool to check out. A vocal cover of The Simpsons theme.

Wanna see Kristen Bell lose her mind over a sloth? I’m sure I heard a yes somewhere, so take a look here.

Got swog? Well if you don’t have swag, it’s very likely you got swog. Curious to know what swog is? Let Ryan Higa and his fellow Youtubers explain it to you.

New web series to check out called Home is Where the Hans are starring Jamie Nocher and Ellen Wong (you may recognize her as Knives Chau in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World).

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson displays his vocal chops in this preview of him singing “What A Wonderful World”. Who knew he can play the ukelele as well?

Music recommendation of the week. Singer/songwriters from the Philippines Krissy and Ericka released the music video for their latest track 12:51. Have a listen to see what the sister act has to offer. Enjoy.


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