Saturday Link-Off: Sex and Candy

vanessa-hudgens-hayden-panettiereYou’re stuck with me again today. To make up for it, here are Vanessa Hudgens and Hayden Panettiere. Why am I suddenly thinking of that new Britney Spears song?

Apparently those giveaways that they hold in the Rogers Centre are all fake. (Deadspin)

There was a joke on an old episode of The Simpsons that went something like “Fox turned into a hardcore porn channel so gradually I didn’t even notice.” You can definitely see this on (The Big Lead)

ESPN has released the names of some athletes in “The Body Issue.” Highlights include Jessica Mendoza, Claire Bevilacqua, and Gina Carano. (USA Today)

After the jump, government workers watch porn at work, the Iron Sheik will make you humble, and how not to win a football game.

The good thing about the weekend is that you don’t have to worry about internet filter at work screening porn. If you work for the US National Science Foundation, that isn’t a problem for you. (Washington Times)

Erin Andrews’ long nightmare appears to be nearing an end. The FBI tracked down the man who made the infamous video after he tried selling it to TMZ. You can never underestimate greed and stupidity. (CNN)

Monday night is the biggest football game in the history of the state of Wisconsin. In fact, it might be the biggest event ever in Wisconsin. Brett Favre returns to Green Bay as a member of the rival Vikings. Packers fans are… anticipating his return. (The Angry T)

A great read about a college newspaper reporter who tried out for the USC football team for a story and ended up making the team. (Midwest Sports Fan)

Ron Wilson’s coaching plan isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. (Kurtenblog) They also take a swipe at SooToday which is an embarrassment to my hometown’s “journalism” scene. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m in the same city as the writer of that site.

Speaking of Canadian stuff, Shania Twain is going to be running the Olympic Joint- I mean Torch through her hometown of Timmins, Ontario. That is only noteworthy because, well, it’s Shania. (Sportress of Blogitude)

Are you ready for some basketball? The 2010 editions of basketball video games are coming out and here’s a look at the new features in NBA 2K10. (The Games I Play)

Fedor’s got his next opponent (read: victim) lined up for his Strikeforce and US network TV debut on November 7th. That guy, however, isn’t impressed by Fedor. (Yahoo Sports)

ESPN’s 30 For 30 documentary series is kicking off next week. It starts on Tuesday with Kings Ransom by FNL producer/director Peter Berg. (New York Times) FYI, I’ve checked TSN’s schedule for the next two weeks and no sign of Kings Ransom on there. Talk about dropping the ball.

The Iron Sheik was named one of Maxim’s Top 100 people to follow on Twitter. Now follow him or he’ll make you humble. (Corporate Thuggin’)

Today’s photo gallery is of the best sci-fi superfan shrine abode. This guy did up his apartment with a Star Wars theme and it’s actually very tastefully done. (Unreality)

The high school football video that’s made the round everywhere. As a Cowboys fan, I’d like to say: Leon Lett… You’re still not off the hook.

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