Worst of Music: Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving

I’m sure that you all remember Rebecca Black of the YouTube sensation Friday. Well, the heartless and soulless producer of Friday is back with a new viral song for our listening pleasure. Wait, did I say pleasure? This new song might actually be worse than Friday. The writer of Friday is back under the PMW Live label with a song by Nicole Westbrook called It’s Thanksgiving. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Gnesa – Wilder

I felt like that classic Fry meme after watching this week’s Worst of Music winner’s video. I’m not sure if we’re being trolled or this is a legitimate attempt to make a music video. Normally, it’s pretty obvious if something is a parody or not. In this case, I have no idea what is going on. This week’s WoM winner is by a singer named Gnesa with her first song called Wilder. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Kris Jenner – I Love My Friends

After sparking just a tiny bit of angry discussion with the last edition of the WoM, I think this one will go over just a bit easier. Unless you aren’t deaf. In that case, you’ll curse me until the day you die. That’s because we have the matriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner clan singing her previously completely forgotten song I Love My Friends. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Nikki Yanofsky – I Believe

It’s Day 10 of the London 2012 Olympics and I’ve had enough of Canada winning medals. It has nothing to do with hating my country. I think our athletes are doing amazing despite the media’s initial doom and gloom. No, my problem is the awful, clichéd, melodramatic song that CTV plays over a melodramatic highlights package after every Canadian medal victory. So for ruining my enjoyment of both the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and London 2012 Summer Olympics, this week’s worst of music is CTV’s Olympic theme song I Believe by Nikki Yanofsky. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Tom Cruise – Pour Some Sugar On Me

When people say that Hollywood has run out of ideas, they aren’t kidding. The musical Rock of Ages is being turned into a movie that’s being released this summer. Showing that Hollywood won’t try letting a good idea stand up for itself, they’ve cast Tom Cruise as an aging rock star. As part of the movie being a musical, there’s singing involved. Unfortunately, Tom Cruise does his own singing as evidence by this week’s Worst of Music winner. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Caroline Wozniacki – Oxygen

I’ve said it before that one of the greatest evils to befall modern music is the increasing usage of autotune in songs. It is generally unbearably annoying and though often it does spare us the pain of someone who can’t sing in-tune. Then there’s tennis star Caroline Wozniacki. She just released a new single for charity called Oxygen but this will do more to lose charities fundraising opportunities than make them money. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Double Take – Hot Problems

For some reason, people still think that they can be the next Justin Bieber. By that I mean that people keep putting videos of themselves singing on YouTube. More often than not, these people are bad but not offensively bad. However, there are those time where someone posts something that makes you wish you were deaf. And that brings us to today’s Worst of Music song. It’s a teenage duo going by the name of Double Take who are trying the Rebecca Black method of getting famous and cranking it up to 11 with their song Hot Problems. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Paris Hilton – Drunk Text

What happens when you lay a track of lyrics read by a completely robotic sounding celebrity heiress slash sex tape starlet over an annoying electronic beat? You get this week’s edition of the Worst of Music. This week, the award goes to the woman who repopularized the celebrity sex tape in the 21st century, Paris Hilton, and her spoken word track Drunk Text. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Rihanna and Chris Brown – Birthday Cake (Remix)

For those of you hoping for my normal critique of what is wrong with today’s music industry will be disappointed today. Yes, I will be talking about the song but that’s not today’s focus. You see, this week’s Worst of Music song is a remix of Birthday Cake by Rihanna featuring Chris Brown. The history between those two is well documented but the problems with this song go well beyond the infamous incident of 2009. Continue reading

Worst of Music: The Cult vs. Flo Rida – She Sells Sanctuary

Before everyone gets really defensive, I’m not naming The Cult as this week’s Worst of Music. I’m also not naming Flo Rida the WoM winner either. This week’s winner is really Budweiser and their marketing department. While Bud usually gets praises from the advertising world for their Super Bowl ads, this year, they committed an atrocity on the music world by mashing up The Cult’s classic She Sells Sanctuary with Flo Rida’s Good Feeling. Continue reading