Wednesday Link-Off: Epic Exit

Here’s Sofia Vergara who stars in a show that I’ve never watched but probably should.

This week has been all about the epic ways that people have left their jobs. Monday, a Jet Blue steward went ballistic after his flight landed and had a monumental meltdown. (NBC New York)

Then Tuesday, we were introduced to Jenny who quit her job by emailing a series of 33 photos to her coworkers. (The Chive)

Mind you, there’s been some debate over whether Jenny is real or not. The men behind her photos on The Chive say she’s for real. (All Things Digital) After last year’s Trump stunt, can we believe them?

After the jump, a video game question, a trio of lists and a Lando movie.

Today’s ponderous question of the day: How fast should we play through video games? (Kotaku)

Looking for that extra jump when you get cracking with NHL 11 in less than a month’s time? EA has already released player stat boosts for purchase. (Multiplayer Games)

Madden 11 came out yesterday. Every year they add some new features to the game but, sadly, these ten missed the cut. (Five Tool Tool)

English League One team Southampton banned all photographers from its sidelines. So the press following Plymouth had to get creative with their game photos. (Deadspin)

The next big thing heading to the world of NASCAR is a 12-year-old. He’s already good at plugging his sponsors which is half the battle. (Out of Bounds)

Speaking of sponsors, they’re leaving NASCAR along with fans and TV viewers. Everyone blames the economy. (New York Times)

Stephen Hawking is certainly a genius but I think he should lay off the doomsday predictions. He figures that we have to be colonizing outer space in the next 200 years. (CNET)

Need some new shoes in the fall? Try the new Star Wars shoes by Adidas. I’d recommend the Boba Fetts. (HypeBeast)

We have a trio of lists to close out this one. First, it’s the ultimate list of 50 things to do before you die. (Guyism) I need to get cracking on that list.

Second, we have the 20 greatest TV ad campaigns by beer companies. (Bro Bible) I’m shocked that the Old Spice guy didn’t find his way onto the list despite not selling beer.

Finally, here are 20 video game covers that do nothing to help sell the game. (Thumb Press)

This week in hypothetical movie trailers is a Lando Calrissian movie done as a vintage blacksploitation film.

And this week in Taiwanese animated news is Jersey Shore’s Snooki vs. Barack Obama.

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