Entertainment Link-Off: Valentine’s Surprise

anna-kendrick-thelastfiveyears15-04Hello, entertainment links fans. Steve here in for Jackie. While Jackie is dealing with the arduous task of hot Australian summer weather, I’m taking a break from shoveling snow to take care of the ELO this week. He’s lucky I didn’t show up at his front door unannounced. Since Tuesday, I’ve dug out from over a foot of snow. Jackie? The worst that’s happened to him is turning the air conditioning down a degree because it got a wee bit nippy. Yes, I’m incredibly bitter about winter and no, I don’t intend to complain about 40° weather this summer.

Anyway, it’s Saturday night and it’s time for the links. No, I don’t have a lot of Valentine’s themed links today which is the surprise. Okay, that’s a terrible surprise but there’s TV, movie and celebrity gossip news for your perusal today. But for something Valentine-ish, let’s start with The Lowdown’s official celebrity crush Anna Kendrick.

The big news of the week is that Spider-Man is coming back to the Marvel movie ‘verse in time for Captain America: Civil War. How much is this deal costing Marvel and Sony? Absolutely nothing. (Variety)

With Jon Stewart on his way out at The Daily Show, there will be a lot of pressure on Comedy Central to pick the absolutely right person to replace him. (The Fix)

SNL’s big 40th Anniversary special is this weekend. Rolling Stone ranked all 141 cast members. (Rolling Stone)

And just in time for the 40th Anniversary of SNL, they’ve launched an app. (Mashable)

Top Chef wrapped up this week and it was a down season. There could be a reasonably simple series of fixes to revive the show. (Hollywood Prospectus)

Who wants some Assassin’s Creed movie news? Marion Cotillard has signed on as the female lead. Unlike Ubi’s failed Prince of Persia adaptation, there was no female lead in the AC games (apart from the one in Revelations but I couldn’t be bothered to finish it because I shouldn’t be putting in more effort than Ubi did). This should be interesting. (Deadline)

I don’t think Gina Carano is going to be making a UFC appearance any time soon. She just signed on to Deadpool. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Patton Oswald had a little fun with internet outrage. He tweeted about deleted tweets that he never made nor had to delete and trolled the internet. (UPROXX)

I don’t know if you’ve heard the rumours about Bruce Jenner becoming a woman but apparently they’re true. (New York Daily News)

Facebook is letting you name someone to take over your account when you die. What’s wrong with just turning your page into a religion where people worship at your alter? (Wall Street Journal)

Want to be a better friend? The NYT gives you some suggestions. I’d read it but I’m a terrible person. (New York Times)

Looking for some lovin’ music tonight? Spotify has some playlists for you. (Daily Dot)

There’s a new trailer for Pitch Perfect 2! I’m… suddenly less excited and I really want to like this movie because the first one was awesome and I will engage you in fisticuffs if you don’t like Pitch Perfect.

Okay, one more Valentine’s-ish thing. It’s what romantic movies would be like if they were like real life.


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