Sunday Link-Off: Closing It Up

The Winter Olympics wrap up today with the closing ceremonies at 7:30 PM EST. Not scheduled to appear is Minka Kelly. For some reason, Nickelback is supposed to be there. Does that make sense to anyone?

It’s mostly Olympic links in here but I have to lead with this link: Ole Miss is looking for a new school mascot and Admiral Ackbar is the early favourite. It’s not a trap! (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The most random thing to go viral during these Olympics: The argyle pants that the Norwegian curling team wore. Hell, even I want a pair of those. (Mashable) As Sean Connery would say “You’re sitting on a gold mine, Trebek.”

We mentioned a while back that the Olympic Village has a supply of 100,000 condoms for the games, or about 14 per athlete and coach. Apparently your Olympians are putting forward Olympian effort in more than one venue. (CBC/National Post)

After the jump, scads more Olympic links, a couple token non-Olympic links that still deal with sports and/or Canada, and more Rock Sugar.

While most guys are worrying about a potential cock-block from this open letter to Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, following the advice in it would be a fitting conclusion to their Olympic gold performance. (True Slant)

Not exactly breaking news: Quebec francophones hate Canada. And, yes, they still want to separate. (Montreal Gazette)

I mentioned on last week’s Humanoids column that I could understand why Evgeni Plushenko wouldn’t be happy with silver. But I don’t understand why he would award himself a platinum medal. (LA Times)

NBC has been having a rough go during the Olympics. First, they botch the whole live broadcasting thing. Now, they can’t even get halfway decent commentators. (SB Nation)

Coming soon to a Summer Olympics near you, it’s Pole Dancing. (With Leather)

In honour of the Olympics, here’s the Top 15 sports episodes in TV history. (KoldCast TV)

It’s been a good week for prank callers, first they get Scott Van Pelt and ESPN, then they get MSNBC. (Puck Daddy)

Cabbie may be on the street but he’s best with Kobe Bryant. In fact, the pair is drawing comparisons to Cossell and Ali. (ESPN)

In today’s possibly NSFW link, Hilary Duff shows women how to celebrate getting engaged to a marginal hockey player. (Link deleted because the site previously linked here is run and read by misogynists.)

I mentioned the Miss Tiger Woods Mistress pageant in this week’s Humanoids column, here’s more details on that. (NY Daily News)

And our last link is NBC’s Brian Williams’ thank you note to Canada and Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. (The Daily Nightly)

Here’s a live to YouTube performance of Rock Sugar’s cult hit Don’t Stop The Sandman. It rocks as much as an acoustic song as a metal anthem. Ahead of Tuesday’s radio show and Extra, four words: It Came From YouTube.


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