Sunday Link-Off: Race Day

It’s the greatest day in motorsport today. That’s why today’s linkdump is up early. In a half-hour, it’s the Monaco Grand Prix. That’s followed by the Indianapolis 500 in the afternoon and the Coca-Cola 600 this evening. So before the first green flag of the day wave, here’s American model Alyssa Miller. She seemed an appropriate choice for today. By the way, she’s not on Maxim’s Hot 100 list but Amanda Knox, Lois Griffin and anyone who did a Maxim shoot over the last 24 months or will do one appearing in the next three to six months is on there. What a waste of everybody’s time to acknowledge its existence.

Given the trouble that NCAA athletes seem to get themselves into, programs are using new ways to monitor their charges. They’re now contracting out to a social media monitoring service in order to keep their athletes out of trouble. (Deadspin)

Facebook opened just over a week ago at $38 per share. Now, it’s under $32 per share. How could the opening valuation be so wrong that Facebook has lost 16% of its value in a week? Maybe it’s because the current system is broken. (New Yorker)

The RIAA are fine, upstanding group protecting the interests of musicians. They’re so keen to protect music that they sued Limewire for $72 trillion. (AV Club)

After the jump, why can’t Leafs fans get over the 1993 Western Conference final, some Mass Effect links and wrestlers versus inanimate objects.

Ever want to know what it feels like to have an F1 car speed by you while only feet away? Gary Meenaghan did a track walk of Monaco and found out. (The National)

An op-ed writer for a newspaper in Darien, Connecticut, likened the WWE to pornography. The WWE disagreed. (Off The Bench)

Speaking of wrestling, Ric Flair has parted from Impact Wrestling. Expect him back in the WWE soon. (The Big Lead) I saw the first five minutes of Impact’s last show. It was awful. At least pretend that it’s pro wrestling and not Hogan Knows Best in spandex tights. We know it’s scripted but at least let wrestling fans try to suspend disbelief.

As we wait for the start of the Kings vs. the Devils for the Stanley Cup, DGB asks why won’t Leafs fans get over Kerry Fraser missing the high stick in ’93. (Grantland)

Colin Cowherd is probably the worst of the worst at ESPN. He never lets facts get in the way of what spews out of his mouth. That includes making up over/under lines so he sounds like an NFL expert. (Awful Announcing)

You have to admit that this review of an Indian restaurant is very honest, very true and way too much information. (Happy Place)

Two people over on CNN think video games and porn are destroying men. I think being stuck in early 20th century is destroying their intelligence and reasoning. I think we’ll all agree to disagree. (Forbes)

A spec sheet for the PS4 has leaked to the internet. It appears to be an absolute quantum leap over the current generation and even over the current PC range. (Kotaku)

The music team behind Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD have revealed the soundtrack. The good news is that Goldfinger’s Superman is back. (Sound And Vision Magazine)

Coming Tuesday is the second free multiplayer DLC pack for Mass Effect 3. It’s called the Rebellion pack and introduces the Vorcha and male Quarians to the fray. (Joystiq)

And how about a Mass Effect photo gallery to close out. It’s a look at what the unused species would look like if the Reapers turned them into footsoldiers too. (Kotaku)

By the way, if you wanted some Mass Effect game reviews, we have you covered for Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. The ME3 review is coming soon and we will be talking about all the controversy surrounding it.

It’s been a while since we saw the teaser to the Mass Effect fan film called Red Sand. Now we have a full trailer for the movie. When does this come out?

Here’s a wrestling video making the rounds. It’s wrestlers vs. inanimate objects. It’s mostly Ric Flair dropping elbows and knees on everything.

There’s a lot of good fan-made songs out there but this might be one of my favourites of all-time. It’s a take on the Sephiroth song form FFVII called One-Winged Office. As a white-collar guy, I can understand this song.

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