NFL Week 4 Power Rankings

I had some technical difficulty last week in posting the Week 3 Power Rankings and picks but if you are super curious about the rankings I did reflect it in last week’s rankings.

I had some fun this week taking a look at some surprising and unsurprising stats about each team. This was much preferable than me talking about how regardless of how a team has performed I didn’t really like them. Anyway have fun with the rankings!

    Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers (Last Week #1, 4-0)
Unsurprising stat of the day: the Packers lead the NFL with 37 points scored per game.
Surprising stat of the day: Aaron Rodgers has more rushing TDs than James Starks and Ryan Grant combined.
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NFL Week 3 Picks

Week 2 was a much better week picking games as I didn’t lose any of my top 5 picks. It would have been nice if reality TV star person Jesse Holley had ran a little harder and dove into the end zone but the Cowboys actually winning that game was a nice and refreshing ending given how that game went. The Cowboys really should have lost the game.

The same thing that happened to the Cowboys pretty much happened to the Bills who managed to pull out a victory at the last minute over the Oakland Raiders. Sadly they didn’t cover the spread and it was just a push but given that that game was 21-3 at half for Oakland, I’ll take the result.

The Steelers, Bucs, and Bengals all cover the spread in games that mostly went the way I expected. The Steelers crushed the Seahawks while the scrappy Bucs managed to pull off the comeback win against a sad little Vikings team. I did expect for Cincinnati to win outright (and they probably should have) but covering the spread is pretty sweet. So far, two weeks into the season I am 4-4-2 for the games I feel best about and a dismal 11-17-4 for all games. On to more crappy picks!
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NFLWeek 1 Power Rankings

Are these Week 2 Power Rankings or Week 1 Power Rankings? I am going to say that they are Week 1 rankings because that is the week that has passed. Perhaps the proper way to say it would be Post Week 1 but that sounds stupid so we’ll stick with Week 1 Power Rankings and build from there.

The first weekend of NFL games brought a couple of good games, several unpredictable games and a handful of bad games. I think I will write that sentence again and again this season because every weekend you can say that. I really enjoyed watching the Saints @ Packers. It was worth it if you stuck it till the end to see an enormous goal line stop. The Packers defence were more ferocious on that play then the sharks In Shark Night 3D! I felt really bad for Ingram.

Best game of the weekend was hands down the Cowboys @ Jets game. That was fun even if it ruined me for work the next day. Dez Bryant looked good in the game and I thought the Cowboys had the game in hand but the Jets relied on their defence as they have all through the Mark Sanchez era. Creating two turnovers in the fourth quarter keeping the game close finally Nick Folk kicked a beauty to win it for New York.

Most impressive victory this weekend was Washington over the New York Giants. That took me by surprised. I knew Eli Manning wasn’t great but he was outplayed by Rex Grossman! I don’t expect Washington to keep this up but its looks like they are not as bad I thought they would be.

Anyway, I shall now overreact to Week 1 wins and losses and proceed to the Lowdown Power Rankings.
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Week 2 NFL Picks

Week 1 is in the books and I would like to hand out some Thank You’s and some sarcastic Thank You’s for performances during the first week before I get to this week’s picks.

I would like to personally thank the following people:

1) Chan Gailey- for taking a safety with little time left allowing the Dolphins to cover the spread in a miserable, I can’t believe I watched so much of this game, game. Continue reading

Week 1 NFL Picks

It feels like it has been long time since Drew Brees and Peyton Manning battled it out in Super Bowl XLIV but another NFL season is finally upon us. After another boring four weeks of preseason the real games will begin Thursday with a repeat of last year’s NFC Championship game, Minnesota at New Orleans.

Week 1 is always pretty difficult to judge because everyone is talking up their team and no one is really sure what weaknesses each team will have. I still remember Buffalo giving away their first game against New England last year and Oakland being surprisingly good against San Diego but both still found a way to lose. I expect this week to present its fair share of surprises as well.

Three important points:
1) Picks will be against the spread
2) Spread will be provided by
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